About Sam

I write. How’s that for no fluff? Can you tell yet that I’m trying really hard to turn that into a personal catch phrase? My name is Sam Watson, and I’m a freelance writer from Philadelphia. I have appeared in Pennsylvania Magazine and the Philadelphia Inqurier. I also created, produce and co-host the podcast, The Bridge- the podcast where three guys try to put an end to feuds between rivals whatever they may be.  I was an editorial intern at the award-winning Grid Magazine. I was a marketing intern for ?RU. And I wrote short science news articles for Kidult.  I graduated from Temple University where I focused on Journalism, Creative Writing, and Video and Audio Production.

I do some humor writing, and am currently developing a comedic web series based around the fact that so many of us young folks are out of work after graduating college not so long ago. There’s comedy in that, right….?

On this site, you’ll find all of the blog post I write for my other blogs. You’ll find cool links to my freelance pieces. And don’t forget to check out the Audio and Video pages, where you can listen to my podcast and watch my sketches.


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