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My name is Sam Watson, and I’m a freelance writer from Philadelphia. I have appeared in Pennsylvania Magazine and the Philadelphia Inqurier. I also co-host the podcast, The Bridge Cast. I was an editorial intern at Grid Magazine. I was a marketing intern for ?RU. I have decided to dedicate this blog to all of the musings that go on inside of my head instead of conforming to a particular niche. So, this blog is my way of being able to hit all of those notes. The creative mind is a chaotic one, and The No Niche is my outlet.

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The Dark Matter of Science

Ew! Comicbooks!

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24 thoughts on “About Me

    • thanks! I’m trying to keep up with the whole humor writing thing…been trying to put up a humor philly news site…but trying to design a website from scratch is apparently not an easy task..might even be harder than humor writing itself.

  1. Sam, its great you’ve a sense of humor, cause sometimes you just gotta laugh at the crazy sh!t that you run into in life.

    • Travel writing is actually one of my dreams. My girlfriend is a professional photographer…I’m a writer…it’s fate! The problem continues to be money. As long as I’m jobless, I have to find a way to travel at an extremely low cost.

    • Very interesting and flat out cool. I am actually half Ukrainian, and will one day get my chance to visit my grandparents’ country. Thanks for reading and I look forward to checking out the blog!

    • hey, I’m very glad that this can help you with your English. I’m glad my blog is at least of some use! Thanks for taking the time to read!

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  3. The blog’s great! Especially the Daily Whiz, though I wonder why it stopped at the April 30 post. One thing however- the RSS feed needs to be fixed. Right now, I’ve got myself an email subscription. But I’d really like an RSS one. Would be greater that way.

    • Hey! Thanks! The Daily Whiz stopped, because I was trying to make it into an actual website, but that project has now stalled in a huge way. And I thought maybe people just weren’t enjoying it on here..but thanks for the encouragement..I’ll have to continue the Whiz on here. I’ll get right on to getting up a RSS one. Thanks for checking out my blog!

  4. You may be out of work, but I’ll be busy reading your posts, I think, in hopes of improving my own writing style. If I could pay you I would (maybe). It’s not the norm to come across a truly well-written blog (excluding mine, of course. *cough*)

    Thank God for your “creative, chaotic mind”! Gloris

    • Wow..thanks so much for the compliments! I’m just extremely happy that someone would take the time out of their day to read this. Btw…I love your spiders post on your blog….They are definitely a fear of mine, and neither Alien nor Predator can match them!

  5. I like the idea of your blog title. So many blogs have such specific topics and I never felt like I could settle on just one thing. Here’s to writing about absolutely anything that crosses our minds! =)

    • Yes! I have constantly been told that to have a succesful blog…or to be successful in general… one has to have a niche, which I agree with up to a point. Why not just write about whatever? Why not just be a Jack of all trades? I think it’s a lot more fun that way. Thanks for checking out my blog!

  6. Sam- now that I think of it after sending you an email- my son is going to college in St Louis for teaching spanish, and at one time I had considered teaching english in Tansinia, but then found out I was with child, and I always wished I could have traveled, well I do, but not as often as I could have.

    Chef E

    • I’d love to do the travel thing, and trying to do so cheaply. Teaching is always on my mind as a side thing to do. It’s something that I may need to do one day to supplement my dream of freelancing. Teaching in Tansinia sounds like it would have been fascinating. I think one of my friends is going to Japan to do that. I have barely ever been anywhere, so I’m always a little…okay…extremely jealous of anyone who gets to travel.

  7. Hi Sam! What if I want to put you on my blogroll so I can come by whenever I want? Just trying to cut back on emails to skim through and actually read articles…

  8. Son, you are clueless, truly clueless. But that’s what comes of an American education [sic] Race is irrelevant. Religion is irrelevant. Caste and nation are not, if only because they have been opposed to each other down through the centuries.

    I challenge you to look into the background of “Barrack Hussein Obama” to determine who and what he really is.

    I also challenge you, since you are both black and Ukrainian, to investigate who/what was responsible for genocides committed against your ancestors both black and white. You won’t find the answers in any standard “historical” accounts.

    You should also be made aware that the US, along with much of the rest of the globe, is being plunged into a long depression–quite deliberately, as before. Put away illusions today, or they will come back to haunt you tomorrow.

    7,000,000 Americans starved during the last depression. You will not find that in any standard text either.

    Best, and good luck…HADASHI

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