Writing Prompt Challenge


So, in the spirit of staying in a fiction state of mind, I’d like to write short, most likely silly, pieces on this blog. But I don’t want to start from a place where I have to come up with concepts, themes, worlds etc. Already have plenty of script ideas for that.

What I was thinking was this: If any of you, who actually read my blog, give me a random prompt- it could be a scenario, word, place, fact, anything- I will write an equally as random fictional piece based on it. I’m thinking about doing this every other week (maybe once a month to start off). I’ll put out word for prompts when I’m ready for the next one. I’ll choose the first one I get.

And I’m putting out the call for prompts right now! So, send them at me, and I’ll send something… good? bad? who cares, because the point of this is to be productive and creative?

Once I have the prompt I choose, I’ll post my piece the very next week.



4 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Challenge

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