2013: Creation. Completion. Optimism!


Happy New Year!

I have never really been one to do the whole New Year’s resolution thing. Promising to lose weight or start shaving more than once a month just because January 1 has rolled around never seemed, well, too promising to me. It’s like saying, “I’m definitely going to do the dishes today” expect that we all know those dishes aren’t going to be fit to be eaten off of until you’re caught up on all of your favorite television shows, and you need something to pass the time.

I’ve been guilty of this too many times to know better than to make promises, which no one has the power to hold me accountable to. But this year is different. There’s a lot that I promise to accomplish in 2013, and I intend to, because I have to. The thing holding me accountable to my goals this year is the direction of my own life and happiness.

I have not been fortunate enough to land a job in my own field (production, writing, journalism) since I graduated from college in 2009. January 31 will be my two year anniversary at my current data entry position. I have taken some hard-worked steps in 2012 to achieve something that I’m actually passionate about. Something that I’m actually skilled at. I started my own company- Collaborate Philly, which is a social media site for the Philadelphia creative and media community. I’ve put together a great, talented team of people to help make Collaborate Philly a success. We’ve held some great events- everything from an improv/stand up comedy night, a movie-heckling night and a networking event, which really seemed to encompass everything we’re about. We have some really awesome events lined up already for 2013.

Like any start-up, of course, there’s up and downs, and I would be more delusional than optimist to think that I could quite my data entry job already. I can’t. But I am going to make it happen. I am going to do everything in my power to discover that feeling of self-achievement. I’m a writer, and I need to write. I need to produce. I need to film. I need to edit. I need to record. I need to do the things that matter to me. I need to do the things that make me feel like me. Sitting at a desk for eight hours every day, doing a job that doesn’t require any significant amount of brain power is everything that is the opposite of who I am. I have not been happy for a long time.

I promise to rectify my situation and to make the most of my talent and spirit to create. I finished 2012 by taking on a writing challenged I had never attempted before. I submitted a comic book script to Top Cow, who held a submission contest this year. My friend and I only found out about it about three weeks ago, and the deadline for the contest was December 31. But I did it. I hunkered down, did a lot of reading, completed my 22 page script and sent it off just in time. I completed something. This is what I look forward to for the whole of 2013. Creation. Completion. Optimism.

One of the other things, I’d like to keep up, is this blog. I don’t use it as often as I should at all. I really only write in it when something inspires me. But inspiration isn’t the point of writing. We should not only do something when inspiration hits. We should do something we love, and something we want to be successful in, because we must do it all the time. I’m a writer, and it’s who I am as a person and profession. I wish I could have made this particular blog post filled with witty analogues and inspirational phrases and observations, but I just got done watching the extended version of the first Lord of the Rings movie, and I’m about ready for bed. And, like I said, the point of this right now is to just write something. It’s the first day of 2013, and I prefer to create something right now rather than nothing.

So, all the best to everyone this year. And let’s create something!


2 thoughts on “2013: Creation. Completion. Optimism!

  1. I wish you well in your creative ventures. I couldn’t help but think to myself as I read this, “Oh, to be young again.” I’m only now starting over at 48, trying to land a day job as well as have a creative outlet. But blogging has been great so far. It’s so nice to write and be read (even if you don’t get paid).

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