Queen of the Damned = Superman I and Ninja Turtles II

It’s Halloween! And since Mother Nature decided to ruin the costumed plans my fiance, friends and I had tonight, I watched horror-related movies instead. First, I had a little of John Carpenter’s Vampires. The fact that I remember not disliking this movie as a teenager is not the most surprising thing about this flick. That honor belongs to Bon Jovi not being the worst actor in it. Seriously. Just watch the main woman try to act with words.

I also had fun re-watching Alex Rodriguez’s Planet Terror, but I’m here to talk about Queen of the Damned and it’s blatant ripoff of such classics as Superman I and Vanilla Ice’s Ninja Turtles II.

I will admit without shame that I had been obsessed with this movie back in the day. I was way more into the genre and I loved the music. It’s still my all time favorite soundtrack. So, today, I grabbed some pizza, wine and pressed play.

So below you will see excerpts of Queen of the Damned and Superman I. The Superman I clip shows the memorable scene where Supes macks on Lois by flying her around town. You see the exact same thing in the Queen of the Damned Clip. Superman and Lestat both even drop their lady loves at one point, only to catch them in a way that says, “Don’t ever back seat drive, because I could always just let you fall.”

Check in at 3:31.

I judge both women. One falls for a man wearing red undies on the outside of a spandex blue suit and the other…well, okay. I’ll give the girl a break. Her man at least doesn’t twinkle in sunlight.

Alright, finally, here goes the comparison between Queen and Ninja Turtles II. In the first video below, you see Super Shredder Barry Bonds his way up through the pier and then fight on stage. In the Queen clip, you see the Queen Super Shredder her way up through the stage. Is this a loose comparison? Maybe. But the snow ruined my plans and I had wine. Enjoy:

Check in at 3:34:

In conclusion, a Vanilla Ice dance sequence is probably the only thing that could’ve made Queen of the damned better.

Happy Halloween!


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