I’d Take Karaoke Over American Idol Any Day

Who doesn't love a good karaoke experience? From: http://djmiketobin.com/about.html

Like me, you probably had no idea the Karaoke World Championships even existed…much less that this three day competition recently concluded in Moscow, Russia. You’ve probably lost interest in this post already, because it wasn’t “American Idol” that I just mentioned. But, I’m here to tell you, I’d watch the Karaoke championship over Fox’s mega hit any day.

Here goes some detail about the Championships from the Associated Press:

The first night of the competition Thursday seems to show that karaoke is at a tipping point. It’s gone far beyond caterwauling in front of a group of sozzled buddies and regretting it the next morning; most of those on stage here have serious pipes and carefully worked-out moves. Yet it retains the casual camaraderie of a barroom at midnight.

“It’s a contest, yes, but it’s more like a family,” said Atte Hujanen, managing director of the Finland-based KWC Organization that is the equivalent of a sports governing body.

One woman’s rendition of “Vogue” proved his point. Imagine Madonna if she’d never been to a gym, moved awkwardly and dressed like a diplomat. Still, the applause was warm, cameras flashed and no journalists seemed inclined to ask if the performance was intended ironically.

American telephone engineer Edward Pimentel won, and what did he get for this accomplishment? Renowned fame? Guest star appearances on Glee? No. Try 1 million Russian dumplings! So, now he can become the kind of overweight contestant that American Idol producers loved to have the show’s cameras focus on, while Simon Cowell would make him drown in his own tears.

“You might as well cry harder. Our stage isn’t strong enough to hold you, and that tear-puddle isn’t big enough to fit you yet,” is something I imagine producers and audiences at home would have loved to hear dear ‘ol Simon say.

And this is exactly why I would choose the Karaoke Championship over American Idol. Let’s face it. More people have tuned in to watch it over the years because of a British man’s insults and the (prima) drama that inevitably occurs. The excitement of an unknown belting out their talent and achieving their dreams takes a backseat. This show hasn’t exactly been the finest of examples in human nature.

Now, think about the Karaoke Work Championships as the “buddy cop” movie of singing competitions. Karaoke in itself is all about throwing such notions as singing in tune to the wind. It’s silly. It’s freeing. It’s about talented and untalented singers coming together and having fun. It’s much more Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker…and, of course, 1 million Russian dumplings.


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