Global Warming’s True Victim…And It’s Not The Earth!

Could Global Warming actually destroy Earth? From:

When die-hard environmentalist shout and preach that humans are destroying the planet, I imagine that Earth is begging for mercy, right before the Global Warming bomb detonates, and the world disintegrates into nothingness.

It’s a ridiculous image!

Believe me, global warming is very real. The science is there. Earth is heating up due to our pollution and greenhouse gases. Each decade is getting hotter than the last. Storms are intensifying, because warmer air can hold more moisture, which means more rain in the summer, and more snow in the winter. What’s wrong is saying that we are harming, and ultimately destroying, the planet.

Some scientists are predicting that if global warming continues at its current rate, it may be time to search for a different world to move to, because the global temperature might reach 100 degrees in a century’s time. There are already areas in this world where 100 degrees is normal, but in areas that also have humidity, life simply wouldn’t be able to survive for long. If ocean levels rise, unspeakable damage could happen to coastal cities all over the world. More intense hurricanes, mean more dangerous flooding and more lives lost. Even glaciers the size of a city are breaking down.

But is all of this really destroying the world? No. We need to make it clear who the actual victim is, due to Global Warming. And guess what? It’s not the Earth! It’s much worse than that: It’s us!

As we continue to contribute to global warming, we are destroying an environment that has sustained our ability to live. Oxygen. Water. The right fluctuations in temperature. But this environment has not always existed on Earth. There was no Adam and Eve story. This planet wasn’t created as it is now. To think that this world has always existed for us is arrogant. We do not own Earth. We are merely guest here until its conditions can hold us no more. We do not have exact say over what happens to the planet, but rather, we have a say in just how much longer we ourselves are able to stay here.

The Earth was once a molten rock. An asteroid nine miles wide barreled into this planet and wiped out species galore, most famously, the dinosaurs. The Earth has been through ice age, super volcanoes, rocky attacks from space. Believe me. Greenhouse gases can’t take it down. Earth will survive global warming. We won’t.

If Earth can survive a direct hit from one of these, then greenhouse gases certainly can't knock it out. From:

The Earth was around well before the first humanoid came into being, and it will still be around when not a single trace of life is left. This is why global warming is such a tragedy. Our so far failed search for life on other planets keeps leading us to one conclusion: it takes the right conditions to make life. If our planet was still molten, we wouldn’t be here. If our planet was farther away from the Sun, we wouldn’t be here. Life sprouted forth from the Earth when particular conditions in history allowed it to.

Yet, here we are, unnecessarily heating the place up, and altering those very conditions.

It baffles my mind to see people claim that global warming isn’t real, and to ignore it all together. The science is there…the proof is there. A sense of arrogance exists by dismissing global warming’s dangers.

“Give me twenty plastic bags! I don’t care what happens to the environment!” a woman in her early sixties once shouted at me, as I rang her up at my cash register last year during my days working retail at Borders. She- and many of us- make the mistake of classifying the environment as an other. But this world’s particular environment is directly connected to us. We are here only because it is here.

It’s as if people like that woman can’t wrap their heads around the fact that the human species may not be around forever. I get the sense that they believe Earth is ours, and no matter what happens, we will always be here, because what is Earth without humans?

If we want to continue to shape the environment into something that can no longer sustain us, though, Earth will let us. People have to wake up to the fact that we are wreaking havoc on conditions that we need to live…not conditions that the Earth needs to survive.

Greenhouse gases won't be the end of Earth. It'll be the end of us. From:

What’s even more tragic is that we’re destroying the environments of other species, as well. How’s the story go? A drunken driver, who smashes his car into another’s, usually survives, while the innocent driver dies? Of course, if we allow global warming to continue, we and every other species on this planet, will bite the very hot dust.

Earth is a planet with or without the human race filling its lands. We aren’t powerful enough to take down the world. But we, as our very own victim, have the absolute power to over stay our welcome.


7 thoughts on “Global Warming’s True Victim…And It’s Not The Earth!

  1. This makes me so anxious to bring more and more awareness….the people like that old lady who didn’t care about the environment…should be shipped out of here…and we who give a care should inherit this beauty we call earth. How dare you say that recycling is not for you??? How dare you say “cloth diapering is just not for me” its YOUR responsibility…it should be a law…not a choice! ….this article is refreshing and makes me even more passionate and angry about this subject. WE MUST DO OUR PART.

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  3. God created the Earth and we are stewards of it. Humans are not the only source of global warming because the Sun also contribute to global warming. Be careful there are bad science regarding this issue. Fear-mongering and shaming others will not contribute in being better steward of the environment. Humans being are adaptable and we will survive global warming to some form , however it will not pretty. Knowledge is power , and we humans can create new technologies that will enhance the environment we and the God,s creatures live. We don,t need new laws to force people into environmental compliance which the science is question by certain scientists.

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