Run, Racists, Run! Biracials Are Everywhere!

My girlfriend and I. I'm biracial and so is our relationship.

Maybe after actor Mel Gibson shouted, “Freedom!” in Braveheart, he should have kept that volatile mouth of his shut forever. But good ‘ol Mel is in the news for yet again making a racist remark. His girlfriend recorded him going off on a yelling tirade. At one point, he tells her that her dress will lead to her being “gang-raped by a bunch of n***s.”

Shocking, right? Racism? Nowadays? Of course it’s not.

Despite the accession of an African American into the White House, Gibson’s lethal weapon of a mouth is still proof that racism is alive and well. And we’ve been in danger of forgetting that. Barrack Obama is only the first U.S. President of color after all.

I came across this interesting opinion piece on that talks about how racism isn’t blatant in the public sphere now, but has moved behind the safety of closed doors. As the piece puts it:

Clearly over the last 40 years, our laws have greatly mitigated once commonplace displays of racism. It is rare that the N-word gets dropped publicly in a racially charged situation; again Gibson’s conversation was meant to be private. In America’s institutions, where there is great awareness of the legal implications, overt forms of discrimination are far less frequently seen than before.

And I think the writer is completely right. Gone are the days where the majority of people will shout racist remarks at those of color on the streets. It still happens, but nowhere near as much as in the past. Racists are kind of afraid to spew their hatred in public, and I feel us biracials are to blame. We represent an abomination to racists. An old, white guy- a complete stranger- once saw my mom (white, Ukrainian) with my sister and I, when we were very young children, and he shouted, “Slut!” at her. We’re mixed– half white and half black. We represent an absolute breakdown of a racist’s hateful beliefs.

And we’re winning!

The Pew Research Center recently reported that a record 14.6% of all marriages in the U.S. were between those of different races in 2008. Obama himself is black and white. It’s like the movie, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, where people don’t know who are aliens, because the aliens have taken over human bodies. Racists don’t know whether or not the “white” person next to them is either mixed or married to someone of a different race. Racists better up their paranoia levels, and warn the town sheriff in Bigotville.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers poster. Maybe racists should take note and run, too.

During the World Cup, I turned to my seemingly white co-worker, and started ragging on the Mexican team. She instantly scowled at me in return. I forgot! She’s half white and half Mexican! Even I- a biracial- was fooled! We’re everywhere, now, and this is a racist’s worst nightmare.

Thus has racism become more of a closed-door activity.

But is this a good thing? Is closed-door racism acceptable racism? Or does forgetting about racism make it more dangerous?

I do fear what closed-door racism could lead to. The solution to racism is not to lock it in a cage and leave it festering there. You suppress something inside, you push it down long enough, and it’s usually only a matter of time before the pressure reaches a boiling point, and then that something explodes forth on destructive wings.

Racists are turning into the minority, but it’s a minority based on a strong belief in hatred. And belief always lives on. It will be preached behind closed doors. It will be kept within racists families, and the children will learn. Then their children will learn, and believe. And then their children.

Even now, we’re getting a view of the hateful disenfranchised taking a stand in the face of progress. A mixed guy is President. Enter the Tea Party, who have become well-known for their racism. Progress has taken a group of people with hateful tendencies, and given them a reason to bond together and have their voices heard.

This country will grow more beautiful with color, and as a sad result, racism will not go away, but rather become more concentrated in small circles.

Once the minority becomes desperate enough to lash out at the majority, racism, with savage teeth, will find a way to claw its way out of the cage of forgetfulness we’ve put it in.

And then who knows what may happen…

Forgetting about racism doesn’t work. Racism in privacy is still racism.

So, Obama is President. Blatant remarks and acts of racism are met with great public objection. Run, racists, run! Biracials are everywhere!

But the flame of racism is still far from extinguished.


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    • You bring about some good and continuous points here.
      I grew up in the South. Obviously a part of our country that has been given much attention in various media forms through the years as a hotbed for such issues and challenges tied to racism.
      Racism in the south has been mostly thought of as oppression of African Americans by ignorant white folk. In modern day, race hate exist more within races themselves than between races. Some hate groups even cast their aggression on those that simply don’t think like they do. This puts hate outside of race issues. That is even a more sad fact. As a white American who has Scottish ancestry, like many families in the south, my family taught to see all peoples the same. We have the same blood in our veins. Yes, by nature and Gods design we have all been put on this earth segmented by culture and color; however, white is just as much a culture as any other. We all have a right to pursue with appropriateness the jubilation of our history, the positive outcomes of hard work during times of struggle and what we desire for the future. It is up to the individual whether this shall include hating and acting on that hate toward one another. God and Christ himself made it clear that we are to be relational and even in the midst of conflict, seek peace. And oh, by the way, Christ was not white. More than likely he was a mixture of Middle Eastern and Northern Sudan culture. Don’t forget he was also Arab Jew. Simple fact, If you care to investigate with Geno technology, you might find that your own ancestry dated 500 years back could include many races, including African American.
      In the end, we are all a form of bi-racial canvas. Societies ignorance, stereotypes and plain lack of using the freedom to learn and accept has created the junk today that hurts people. Once again, a choice for all, no matter what your color may be.

  1. humbly–

    when you call something “racism,” you’re giving name to an anxiety. in your case and typically, you’re also suggesting that the anxiety is rooted to nothing, other than anger, frustration, and an inability to accept things and people and deal with them as they are.

    that’s quite a knowing attitude, and its shortcomings are going to be exposed more frequently in the short and medium term. you might say that tea party style anxiety is baseless, but then we’re likely to have a baseless revolt. a baseless revolt? has there ever been such a thing in history? usually historians are able to link events to causes, and they do better than to say, “there was this angry group of people who could get a grip.”

    to get by and get along we’re going to have to recognize at some level that there are ethnic interests, that worrying about them is not a signal of pathology, guilt, or hatred (as long as it’s done with some dignity), and that organizing along racial lines isn’t always a tragic, backward idea.

    if your relationship with your girlfriend is nothing more than a gesture to “the man,” you might want to tell her. given the common anxieties of white women she’ll likely buy into that idea.

    • Evan. EVAN. Is that really all you think No Niche’s relationship is with his girlfriend? He’s half-WHITE as well, Sir. You don’t sound any better than the “Slut!”-crying old man from his youth. Except you’re crying “Exploiter!” How about wishing them happiness like any other couple?

      And organizing along racial lines for its sake is ALWAYS a tragic, backward idea.

    • I think different people have different reasons from one another for involving themselves in the Tea Party. Some people in the tea party are fighting for ways to improve America and government, others may well just hate Obama, or others may hate black people, or others hate Democrats, or others are in fear of the USA falling to bits….Just as in every organized protest, there will be bad seeds. But as long as what the person is fighting for doesn’t harm anyone or involve the harm in any human being, it is useful to the country and helps educate our country.

      Even as a black person, I agree with the Tea Party on a lot of issues.

    • I’m sorry. Would you mind elaborating on what exactly “the commmon anxieties of white women” are? As a white woman, I’m not sure I think you know what those are.
      Maybe you are playing right into another outdated stereotype that isn’t true, Evan.

      • i’ve heard this sort of response from the SWPL crowd before–as in, every time i object to pc universalist statements and stylings. the assertion is that objections and frustration with “anti-racism” and multiculturalism are baseless.

        okay! let’s set all that aside. but–without any “i told you so” chest thumping or arrogance–know that there is a revolt coming. say it’s rooted in nothing, or anger, or hatred. but it’s obviously on its way down the pike.

        now, if you take the view i do and did when these matters were still opaque to me–that there must be something behind anti-pc frustration–then you’re in luck, because there’s plenty of documentation and reflective thought on the topic. off-hand, this strikes me as a worthwhile starting point:

  2. Standing up for the rule of law, small government, and the constitution is hardly racist. Taking a potshot at the fine people in the Liberty movement was rather odd. Makes me wonder if you have ever been to a TEA party event or talked to a 9-12er. I have, and they are just regular, honest people standing up for principle. Minorities are not only welcome in the movement, but the ones who have joined are welcomed with open arms and treated like near celebrities. Quit different than the stereotypical, crying wolf crap the NAACP would have you believe. Other than that, not a bad post.

    • I agree. The TEA party movement is not propelled by racism. I am not a racist, I just don’t agree with socialism. Other than that, a well written post.

      • Same here. The Dems in Washington claimed they heard racial epithets from the crowd of Tea Partiers, but nobody else seems to have heard them. No cameras or audio recorders caught anything of the sort. And the black Democrat congressman who claimed he’d been spat upon had to take back his statement.

        On the other hand, however, a black Tea Partier was beaten up by SEIU members of a variety of races in St. Louis. Is that racism too? Or intolerance of another sort — intolerance of other people’s opinions. These people claim they like diversity, but diversity of opinion scares the bejeezus out of them. Hillary Clinton once claimed that dissent was patriotic. But now it seems that dissent is racist. Which is it?

  3. Wow, this is excellent.

    It’s always good to know that we’re winning.

    Mel Gibson’s rant is important because it’s a scandal. It’s a scandal because what he did was wrong. But it also means these opinions do exist, no matter how well-camouflaged.

    The best solution (and revenge) is living a good life. Eventually ( in the next ten, fifty or one hundred years) they’ll give up, and go home.

    Excellent post!

  4. It’s really a shame when the first thing that a person sees about another person is race or religion. It also makes me sad when people speak freely in front of me and assume that because I’m white I share their racist views. I think that wherever there are people who are different from each other, there will be racism. I also think that the only way to combat racism is to be a good example and to teach our children to be enlightened and intelligent and to judge people by their actions and not by the way they look. Perhaps one day the enlightened will outnumber the ignorant.

    And you are 100% right…Mel Gibson should keep his pie-hole shut. 🙂

  5. I’m white and live in Mexico (i’m from England). I experience racism in it’s many forms on a daily basis living here – so people need to realise it’s not a “white thing that only white people do.

    • I agree unfortunately racism is part of human nature and ALL RACES practice racism in one form or another….

    • I agree with you but I don’t think he was implying that it was a white thing at all. I think people took it that way because whites have been portrayed as racist in mainstream media for so many years.

  6. I live in Mexico – I’m white from England – and experience racism in some form on a daily basis. Racism always seems to be classed as something white people do, but believe me it’s often more open and less surpressed against white people in countries where white people are the minority.

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  8. Mel Gibson is just a shmuck.
    A shkutz! For those who speak Yiddish.
    And in the king’s English a nasty bug, but the translation just ain’t the same…(sigh).

    My best bud, a black woman has demonstrated to me a form of racism I never knew existed before not having had a lot of black friends prior to her. That is racism amongst the ranks.

    The poorer blacks hating on the more well off ones, the reason being the ones who are more financially stable are thought to have lost the black culture essence. I am only repeating what I have heard around this friend’s table with her friends all of color.
    They go so far as to call the richer folk the “N” word which I always find rather shocking.
    Racism has existed since the beginning, the settlers looking down on the Indians…I doubt it will ever end.

    “Everyone’s a little bit racist” from Avenue Q

  9. You couldn’t be more wrong about the Tea Party. Since I’m bi-racial (white and American Indian) and am a member of the Tea Party, then I must be self-loathing, an idiot who simply doesn’t know better, or someone who has far more knowledge of the Tea Party than you. Your statement that it is well known that the Tea Party is racist simply shows your ignorance. The left has accused the Tea Party of being racist but has offered little to no verifiable evidence. Smear attempts are not proof of anything other than a desperate attempt by a group to destroy another group simply because they don’t like them (kinda like being a racist then isn’t it?).

  10. Excellent post! Your post is completely accurate! And as for the Tea Party, it’s right about that too! The Tea Party only wants minorities who dislike other minorities and are willing to trade their minority status/mindset for white acceptance. It’s just true. They can say they don’t and that they’re hard working people who stand for liberty but it’s not the totally truth. They stand for the liberty of the far right White American and they believe minorities have all the rights and privileges of being an American and that they “true Americans” aren’t receiving. Case in point, financial aid for higher education. I’ve actually spoken with Tea Party members and gone to Tea Party events. So I am giving a first hand account. Like I said, fabulous posst!

    • That’s sad they Tea Party isn’t for financial Aid I don’t know why they don’t want it. I don’t think that’s a white thing because at my school majority of the white people went to school on financial aid. Times are hard. School is expensive and people want to better themselves.

      The only people not in favor are business-men.

  11. A study I heard cited recently encouraged parents to discuss race and racism with their kids. Several families dropped out because they were so uncomfortable with this requirement of the study.

    The study discovered that racism is not discussed at all in many progressive, liberal households. The idea is that if we’re all supposed to be colorblind, discussing race, or any difference for that matter, is taboo. Of course, that’s the best way to make it a dark, secretive thing- precisely the problem. People who desperately want their kids to be not just tolerant, but accepting, are practically guaranteeing their kids get no exposure to the subject by pretending it’s not there.

    Racism and bigotry is a vampire- it can’t stand the light. If we want it to die out, we have to do the uncomfortable, inconvenient thing and talk about it even when it’s not a major in-your-face problem.

    • I really agree with you, Dave. But first, nice post and congrats on being on Freshly Pressed again to Sam!

      We need to bring it out in the open. This hush-hush mentality is only keeping it alive. And being over-sensitive to it really just keeps us on eggshells and you can’t openly say something even when it is pure fact and not meant to be a racist statement. It’s so distorted.

      I was born in an Indian family in Thailand. And the form of racism I had to deal with was reversed racism.. that I am not Indian enough for those who were born IN India. That I spoke Thai and had Thai friends and so I was not Indian enough. (Sigh.. shaking head) Of course, I am not a victim. I am just aware of it and have a laugh. Can’t take it seriously. Life is too short. 🙂


    • I read about that same study, and it made so much sense, which is why I’m making sure to explain what race is to my daughter, who is three. Her pediatrician is Indian, and out of nowhere my daughter started calling her “the brown doctor” because she had noticed her skin color. At first I was mortified, but I explained that the doctor’s skin is brown because her ancestors are from a different part of the world. And then I remind her to call the doctor by her name.

  12. There will always be racism, it will never go away, no matter how much people want it to or try to make it go away. Everyone from all corners of the world are racist, it’s how humans are made up. Racism is just an extreme way of putting another group or culture down, to make your own seem more acceptable, it comes from all angles. I’m sure even Obama has been racist in his time, even behind closed doors, I’m sure you have been the same. No body is perfect, we just need to accept that racism will always be here, in some form or another.
    But does it necessarily have to be a bad thing? Racism has been the cause of many great things happening, it brings people together, it makes people ask questions. It has, after all, allowed you to write this interesting article. I don’t see racism as a bad thing at all, as long as it doesn’t turn to violence.

  13. What allows racism to live, rather what allows it to thrive, is comments where people equate opposing Obama as racism. There isn’t a single bit of evidence that the Tea Party movement is racist anymore than there is evidence that the Rainbow Coalition is a racist movement. In fact, there have been people (plants by LaRouche) thrown out of Tea Party events for racist signs and remarks. And even Congressmen who claim they have been the victim of racist remarks can’t even back up their claims with a single shred of evidence. You worry about suppressed racism being a problem? Perhaps you should stop painting obviously non-racist people with the broad brush of race-baiting politics.

    And if you want to see racism, you should visit my three biracial nieces and one biracial nephew who continue to get ridiculed by black folks in their schools. But of course, you might not be able to call that racism out, you know, being stuck on decrying those evil racist Tea Party types!

  14. If you keep talking about racism, racism will still be a ubiquitous, ever-present matter. If you sweep it under the rug like its nonexistent, the tenants of racism will still linger. Racism is unfortunately everywhere. And there are just as many white racists as there are black, Latino, Hispanic, Dominican, Asian, Chinese, etc. racists. I cannot help to be offended and feel subjected when an idiot like Mel Gibson says something inane and shows himself off to the crowd.

  15. Excellent post! I am also bi-racial and Jewish, so I totally understand what this post means! I’m sure Mel Gibson shakes at the very thought of mixtures like me. Also, I have spoken with Tea Party members, been to their events and debated with them. And 90% of them are racist. Maybe not all but the majority. The claim to represent liberty but whose exactly? Liberty of white privilege maybe. They believe that minorities are the cause for every major economic problem e.g. Mexicans are the reason jobs are so scarce, Blacks are the reason for the house crash with all their section 8 and bad credit, white youths are being cheated out of higher education because minorities are getting all the financial aid and more. These are all conversations I’ve had with Tea Party members and not all white. No, I’ve spoken to African-American members who believe that the same ideals! But I call that ” acceptance driven agreement” as in, they agree because they want to be accepted. It’s just true. The Tea party resembles the far right European and former African groups who believe things like ” France for the French” and ” Africa for Africans”. On another note, I believe that biracial relationships have a ways to go as well. Because while it’s totally acceptable for a young minority woman to date a white man, the media shows him as being typically poorer than her. -unless, she’s Asian in which case she becomes to trophy China-doll wife-. And maybe this is some sort atonement or something, but it makes me wonder why a woman of color cannot marry a wealthy white man? Are they trying to say it’s okay to marry outside of your race just so long as it doesn’t affect the white upper class, because that would mean people of color would have financial power? Just something to think about. Fabulous post by the way, insightful and very accurate!

    • This comment is the most indicative evidence of the fallacies that went into this post and this whole mindset. Ziva claims to have gone to many Tea Party events and found the majority of the people there are racist. The proof: Tea Partiers believe Mexicans are the reason jobs are scarce and poor black people crashed the housing market. Now, assuming I know people who have been to the Tea Party events, most stand on the principals that businesses trying to cut costs use illegal immigrants instead of Americans. They also believe that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (and W.) pushed the “housing as a right” meme that led to many poor people getting houses they couldn’t afford, which, proportion to poverty stats, affected minorities more than whites. Now assume that Ziva classified those facts in the way he/she did, that Mexicans steal our jobs and blacks ruined housing, even if that’s not what Tea Party people said or believe. But if you assume Ziva characterized it correctly, then the racism is clear. So then the Tea Party is racist. Then, take into account that the majority of America agrees with the Tea Party and disagree with Obama (as evidenced by recent polling). Expounding on that, the ideology leads you to believe that the majority of Americans, since they agree with the Tea Party, must be racist as well. And thus, you come to the conclusion that racism in America is the belief held by the majority of people, even if they only use it in “codes” and “implied words,” i.e. suppressed racism.

      It’s a group-think, circuitous thought that begins with a fallacy (by mis-characterization) and proves itself by using itself, kind of like defining a word by using the word you’re trying to define. And yet, people still buy it as though it was evident and indisputable. Racism’s out there, it’s jut not the majority of people or the majority of the Tea Party.

      You can spray your fire all over the place and have the bullets hit nothing but innocent bystanders. Or you can aim at racists and hit a bullseye every time.

      • Firstly, Ziva is a woman. I am a woman. Now that its clear it is clear. I HAVE been to many of their events. I was personally invited by a member so that he could ” prove my theory about their racism wrong.” I went, I saw and I was flabbergasted. The majority of Americans do NOT hold identical beliefs of the Tea Party. They may agree with certain points but the method is totally different. The fact remains that the majority of Tea Party members ARE racist. Period. It’s just the truth. Why does everyone here keep saying that we should attack racist and when we do they make up reasons why we’re wrong in our attack? The Tea Party does consist of some major racist.

  16. What a beautiful couple!

    It’s amazing to think how short a period of time it has been here in the United States since interracial marriages became legal. Can you believe it was only 1967? Amazing but true!

    It has only been legal for 43 years. Wow. I find that breathtaking.

    Here in the United States we talk about civil rights and human rights all the time but we’re just barely ahead of the curve ourselves. We still have a long, long way to go.

  17. Youtube Morgan Freeman on Racism. It’s only an issue because people make it an issue. My best friend since freshman year of high school is biracial (african american/caucasian) and her observation is that black people are just as racist against white people. Most people think she is a Pacific Islander and don’t realize she is simple “black and white.” She has told me that while growing up biracial, she didn’t feel totally accepted by EITHER ethnicity– black or white. Black kids would tell her she’s too white and white folk would tell her she’s too black. Kids of both ethnicities would call her “Oreo.” So, to imply that all racism is white against everyone else is close minded.

    So we have a biracial President– is it relevant? Only if you voted for him BECAUSE he is not a middle-aged caucasian American male.

    “Racism” comes from all sides.

    If a white comedian makes a joke about black people or mexicans he’s a racist, but if Chris Rock jokes about white people it’s funny.

    Racism is a double standard.

    I love what Morgan Freeman says about “Black History Month” he thinks it’s obsurd. “Black history is American history.” He’s a wise man who has solved the racism issue.

    We’re all the HUMAN RACE– and that’s all it should be. Our differences come from our cultures, not the color of our skin.

    • I completely agree about black history month. I think it’s absurd, and simply just doesn’t belong. Quite frankly I care very little about all things race. I took grew up with that same problem. Black kids scolded me for listening to rock music…white kids assumed negative sterotypes about me because I was darker than them..white relatives looked down on me even. All races have this tendency to be racist towards one another..and it blows me mind..because I’m white/back…isn’t this proof that we can all get along? It’s sad. So, I’ve always put myself on the outside of race (because quite literally being mixed, I sort of am). At the same time, it utterly angers me to see racism, because where being biracial is sign that races can get along, racism is the poplar opposite of that.

      And I agree about Obama. No one should of voted for him because he’s mixed. There was a mayor election here some time back, where the incumbent, John Street (black), was running against Republican Sam Katz (white). Now, Street was an insanely corrupt person. Every single day there seemed to be a story about him and his dealings in the news. No way at all did this guy deserve to be Mayor for a second term. I personally voted for Katz, because he was the right person for the job. Again, I don’t care about race at all. I care about who’s fit to do what. Well, sadly Street won, and it’s because too many African Americans in this city simply chose to vote for the black guy. Races are still stuck in this whole “he/she looks like me so I must be on his/her side” It’s a shame.

  18. I have personally had to deal with racism but I don’t let it deter me. I hav gotten to the point were I’m no longer annoyed or frusturated. I just feel really bad for the person. My stepfather is white and once him and my mom divorced she started dating a white woman…Oh my life growing up was like no others I knew.

    I recently had a conversation with an 80 y.o. white male in Target and he told me he spent half his life hating everyone that was different from him and in his mid-fifties he started dating a woman he assumed was white. She was Egyptian with Spanish roots. He said once he let the hate go his life seemed fuller and easier.

    Good luck with your relationship…Just you two being together creates change : )

  19. Additionally, I think it’s very important to note that not all white Americans think that way and not all white Americans are Tea party members either ;-). Conversely, there are many African-American racist out there too.
    Yes, there are racist people in all ethnic circles but it mostly started because we’ve been socially conditioned to think that skin color represents an ideal life, even in our definitions: White = good and pure , black= evil, dark, oppression. Um, thanks a lot Webster… So we have ourselves to blame.
    Also, for the woman who said that Mel Gibson was ” set-up” don’t be fooled. He was not. I take from your name that your Jewish and I am also Jewish, so I pose a question to you : When he was videotaped naked saying that ” Jews are the cause for all the problems in the world” , did you find him to be set up then as well? It’s a well known fact that Mel Gibson is a racist and anti-semitic. His father was, so one can gather that he was raised with those beliefs. He wasn’t set-up, he was exposed. Furthermore, can people stop ignoring actual racism as an attribute of human psychology? Humans are no genetically predisposed to be racist. We are ALL mixtures for hundreds and thousands of years. Recently racism has came into the picture. We mustn’t confuse class snobbery and religious intolerance with racism, because as well know or at least should, social class and religion can be any color.

  20. Great blog. I am half German (white) and Puerto Rican (brown) and I always baffle people. I think it’s interesting that we assume that racism is disappearing when I feel like it is only growing. In an all colorful nation I still feel like I need to watch what I say when I am naming a race ~ whether it’s politically “correct” or not because I never know who is going to be offended.

    Being Hispanic I understand that racism is just kinda part of it, in fact I had never really seen racism until I went to Central/South America. The white/light-skinned Hispanics do not associate with Black/dark-skinned Hispanics and it’s no secret ~ it’s just the way it is and has been for hundreds of years.

    I don’t think that racism can really be dealt with until it existence is acknowledged. But in my opinion, racism is exactly like equality ~ a myth, a notion, a dream we can all strive for but something that will never really be achieved or rid of.

    That’s why it’s so important that we all do our part to understand it and talk about it ~ so it doesn’t become a dirty secret shoved under the doormat or spoken behind closed doors.

  21. Things in this regard have come a very long way. i know there are still barriers to overcome. Trust me that a biracial relationships in the 1970’s was much worse. I speak from personal experience.

  22. Run racists? Dude, just cause you have sex with a black dude does not make you exempt. Go to a black neighborhood and see how well you are accepted.

  23. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed. This is an issue I’m sure will continue to haunt our society. It dumb-founds me how some people can have so much hatred in their heart simply over the color of skin. We’ve accomplished so much in terms of science and technology, yet our hearts have a long way to go. Keep writing.

  24. Great post. Thank you. Racism is indeed alive and kickin’ and ain’t going nowhere too fast. (Those who don’t bare the brunt of it have the privilege to be baffled by your post or try to convince you you’re anxious. Don’t let the haters get you down.) White folks who are our partners and friends and family can’t always understand what we experience, but they can be great allies to us. They can listen and support and challenge peers when it’s needed. If they wanna be with us, that is very important – especially if they wanna have babies with us!

  25. Please document your sources on the Tea Party.. I truely dont beleive you can. A group with ” hateful” tendencies???? They are tired of what our President is doing to this country. It doesnt matter if he is black, white or yellow.. He is wrong, he is a bad President who was elected for one reason. He always talked how he would bring this country together. He hasn’t. Heck, even CNN has bailed on him. The comedy network has turned on him as well. How the heck is that racist???? If racism can’t be stopped completely ( and I sadly beleive it can’t) then what should be done?????Maybe instead of calling Tea Party people racist you come up with something a little better. You are just jumping on the Democrat’s bandwagon. They are going to be voted out in November because people want them and their policies out. Playing the race card is a last ditch effort to get people to turn against people who want them out. It’s also an attempt to get the Black and Latin voters to turn out in force to safe their butts….As long as people scream racism at evey turn when people don’t like them or their actions, this country will never come together. So, since I disagree with you, go ahead and call me racist as well. I’ll get a kick out of that. Then I’ll tell you a little about myself.Even though you don’t know me or my race or my wife’s and daughter’s you will brand me a racist here I am sure of that………

    • I agree with what you wrote. I never blame anything on my race just someone elses ignorance. I tend to live my life knowing what I can accomplish on my own and not the merit of someone else. If I believed everything I heard about the Tea Party I would link it to some racial issues too rather than political, which I did my own research and I tend to agree with some of their politics.

  26. Also, who really gives a ratts butt what Mel friggin Gibson thinks or is??? Is it really that important that he is an idiot??? Why should anyone care what he thinks????? It makes no difference in my life one bit… BUT what ther President does everyday does. So Mel Gibson can jump off a cliff for all I care. He’s an actor, why give ANY importance to what he says. Maybe that’s the problem with this country. Worry about actions and your life, not what some dipshit thinks in Hollywood…….

  27. Interesting. Since Obama got in the White House, many refer to him as the 1st Black President. I think he has avoided the question but I’m not sure if he feels 100% African-American anyways.

    Does having a white mother changes the reaction some racists have towards black people in general? I would have liked you to expand on that.
    I remember blogging about the fact that Tiger Woods’ racial identity infuriated some Blacks.
    I find culture to be more important than race in some specific cases.
    I wasn’t shocked by Mel Gibson and I don’t care if he’s racist. I think there are more dangerous indiivuals out there and they are too smart to get caught on a tape…

  28. “And we’ve been in danger of forgetting that. ” Forgetting about the existence of racism is the only true eradication of it.

  29. Thought-provoking article and dead on on several points. However, sweeping generalizations about ANY group is just fuel for misunderstanding, stereotyping, bigotry, classism etc. What is most important is that we all remember that no person, no race, no nation, no religion, no god, no belief is BETTER than another…just different. We’ll all find that out who was right or wrong the day we die anyway so let’s just live and let live while we can.

    In closing, for those who cannot open their minds a little and accept the sameness and difference in all of us, just remember, “I know you are but what am I?”

  30. Very good article but I think that noting the very likely unconscious racism of the Tea Party Kooks might have been an error. Dave the (so-called) Sage and Paul McCord are to some degree right (and not just politically) that although the libertarians that inhabit the Tea Party are likely to be racist the movement deplorable as it is, is not consciously racist.

    As for Mel I hate to say it but coming from Australia has been bad for him. I have a number of Ausi Friends that still use the term Abo’s and will occasionally use the word N—-R. That is no insult to the land of Aus but like certain areas of the US south there are pockets of Racism in Australia. Racism is a social disease.

    Racists are filth and filth will always be with us kind of like the Nazi that has commented on Jews in this thread. The big issue is Racism should be treated as an illness when held as a belief and crime when expressed. We should treat one and punish the other. This bothers libertarians because it would be a type of social control and social control is what the Tea Party hates.

    So While the Tea Party is not a racist organization it is inevitable that unconsciously they will be racist. As for McCord’s sarcastic remark that ” I must be self-loathing, an idiot who simply doesn’t know better” yes Paul you are. The right always seems to attract the poor whom for some reason seem to be the target of right wing financial policies. No more right wing claim was made than the right claims the right to be rich. The biggest block to welfare (that which would help the poor) is the right.

    • Bill, the issue of racism should be treated as an illness and a crime? Get real, the last thing we need is thought police. The left has this ungodly self-righteousness that they know so much better how other people should live. Why do you want to move in the direction of Stalinist Russia, Maoist China, or Nazi Germany? Why do you want every thought controlled by the state and if people think the wrong thoughts they should be punished? Do you loath yourself so much that you fear freedom? Do you hate your fellow man so much that you feel a need to control even their thoughts? Well, guess what? You can’t.

      Why do you think socialism always fails and so often degenerates into totalitarian mass murder? Because the state quickly discovers that it cannot micro-manage (that is, control) every thought and action of its citizens without resorting violence.

      The left consistently screws everything they touch up not because they are evil or stupid but because they fundamentally misunderstand human nature. Yes, you could force a large segment of a society to put on the facade that you want to see but sooner or later a large segment is rebel and demonstrate their own independence and individualism–even if that individualism is counterproductive or antisocial (or at least considered so by the ruling elite).

      You haven’t the slightest idea why I belong to the Tea Party–but to a large extent to oppose fools like you who want the government to control our every movement. I value freedom while you appear to value your self-righteous and delusional arrogance.

  31. So if I speak out against your “progress”, and you are white, then that is perfectly OK, but if you are biracial, then I obviously am a racist. Sounds logical to me.

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  33. What is this idea about “winning?” Bi-racials are everywhere so they are somehow “winning” something? Like a takeover of society? Honestly that sounds like the hilarious paranoia one might hear from old white people, only in this context it honestly sounds justified.

    Also ironic is how Sam is as racist towards racists as he suspects racists are towards himself and his black half.

  34. Thought provoking. I am an Arizonan, and even though the “anti-illegal” crowd claims to be only about the crime of “trespassing”, my conversations with individuals usually reveal an uneasiness with Mexican culture, the spanish language, or a general invasion of their cultural identity. A comment to the local newspaper a few months ago basically proclaimed that there would not be such a backlash if the illegals “assimilated” and “acted like [white] americans”. Illegal immigration is a problem that needs to be controlled. But it needs to be done without vilifying the Mexican/hispanic culture as being lesser to our own. I hear many racist remarks in private, but I think most come from fear rather than hate. A stereotype exists for all races, and people fear that stereotype instead of realizing the negative aspects stem from socioeconomic status rather than skin color or ethnicity.

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  36. Mel Gibson sounds like his problems go well beyond racism ! When people ask or try to figure out my race or ethnicity, I’m often left wondering why? Maybe as they say, they are simply curious. But for some reason that curiosity seems to start and stop with me, and no one else is questioned. Do they feel uncomfortable around me? Might they want to categorize me into a race or class so they can get comfortable with how to respond to me? If others are uncomfortable, why not say that rather than asking me to provide answers that will relieve your discomfort? And then today, I read an article that states that selective colleges are more discriminatory to lower income whites than they are towards poorer black or hispanic applicants. So perhaps racism is more universal than its given credit for.

  37. There is a difference from what happened on plantations and what went on in the country during the 1970’s.

  38. If your intention was to point out the racism in this Country how could you not comment on the dismissal of the case against the Black Panthers? Mel Gibson does not really influence my life. To me he is a non person who has made his own bed. The fact that you, as well as the mainstream media and the NAACP, have put Gibson on the front page and the federal offense of voter interference well below the radar says a great deal about your true agenda. The fact that two black men dressed in military garb, armed with weapons, and using racial threats in front of a polling place (felony) then having the attorney general dismiss an already concluded case where the defendants did not bother to show (which should be an automatic loss) is much more dangerous and racist. What would have been the out come had those two men been members of the KKK dressed in white robes.

    When you say,with apparently no personal experience, that the Tea Party movement is racist you again show that your opinions are influenced by your comfort zone media. It appears that you do not venture out to find the truth of the situation. Of course in every organization there are the fringe crazies. But if you follow the Tea Party movement with fairness it is anything but racist. I really wish you new how non racial the movement is. It would help America if you knew. If the main stream media is your only source of information….shame on you.

    Are you aware of how many hundreds of thousands of Americans have been assembled for the Tea Party cause? And yet the evidence of racism is one or two media talking points. If you are speaking of situations like when the Black caucus walked through the tea party crowd, (which was suspect in itself as the usual course for those people is to travel through the halls of congress instead of out through the public) there was a $100,000 reward offered for anyone who could come up with cell photos or any other proof of the alleged racial comments or spitting and no proof appeared. Again allegations of signs that were present….no photo proof and if they are there amongst the crowd who is carrying them? If that is not the norm could they be folks trying to make trouble? Did you ever see the posters with a bullet through President Bushes head at the anti war marches? They were there and documented. I suggest that in fairness to all of us that you make it a practice to look at and express both sides of a situation before you express your prejudice in a belief.

    Racism is not ok. However it will continue as long as there are folks who only see the situation through their own prejudice eyes. Making a case for racism must include the truth and not a self serving agendas.

    It is my opinion, which is all I am expressing here, that when 94% of the Blacks in this Country voted for Obama (qualified or not) and 69% of the White Americans (more than half of the white population) voted for Obama that prejudice is alive and well in this Country but who are the racists?

    When the half Black and half White candidate for President (raised by white mother and grandparents) runs only on his Blackness and leaves out his Whiteness may I suggest that he used racism in order to win the vote? When the President of the United States sits in a black liberation theology church for 20 years listening to anti semite anti white sermons…and goes on to be elected….that my friend shows that you are correct about at least one thing……racism is indeed alive and well in this Country

    If you continue to look for proof of racism and prejudice in this Country and those who perpetuate it may I suggest that you would do well to begin by looking in the mirror.

    Respectfully submitted,


  39. Very good point about a very important issue. I have lived both in the US and in the UK, and I have found that bi-racial couples are still much less prevalent in the
    US than in the UK.

  40. You better believe we are everywhere. Though I know I’m not the only unique biracial person out there, I do admit that people are surprise when they hear that my mom is from Diminocan Republic and my father is from Afghanistan. Talk about fusing two totally different cultures.

    I also understand when you talk about racism being a private thing. My step mother is racist, even though she’s married to my father. It makes me mad when she makes stupid comments regaurding race. She also tries to inplant her ideas on my half brother. I try my best to counter these thoughts though.

    keep up the good post

    • Ahaha yah, my diverse background has raised me to be open to new ideas, cultures, and people. The more people who are biracial, the more tolerance we have of one another. You can always stop by my blog and check out what are some of the things that go on in my head.

    • hmmm…what’s your first language. I find your mix lovely and fascinating. And I totally understand where you’re coming from. My family is almost identical in that way. My paternal side detests African-Americans so much that relatives who were 1/2 black wouldn’t speak with each other for years, and they lived around the corner from each other! Be strong with your mother. She’ll learn one day. Good luck. 🙂 Also, you spelled Dominican Republic wrong.

  41. Racism is still alive but it’s a endangered species. I say this because the current generation doesn’t hold race as important as the previous ones. Most of my friends (I, myself included) have bi-racial children. At times I wonder when these kids grow up will that look at their peers and ask in shock “You’re not mixed?” I think it’s a great thing, however as parents we still need to pour our cultures into the children, letting them know they have and even more extended set of roots and the beauty contained within both.

    • Why are the subtitles in the same language as the video?

      Also, as a white person who has been accused of racism before, let me just say that this is not news. Populations change all the time. Also also, the video says the biggest increase is in the black population, but wasn’t the most significant change that of central asians?

  42. I think that another hard part of racism today is that much of it is still institutionalized, lying quietly in everyday life without alerting white people of its existence and calling itself “the norm”. Consider this, here in the US our education system still operates under “separate but equal”. Ask yourself how many White children are forced to take and African American history class. Then ask yourself how many Black children are forced to take “the normal” history courses. White seems to be the norm, the default. White kids don’t need to be bothered to value that pesky ol’ African-American history, but you can bet that ALL Black children will be tested repeatedly on their knowledge of the white history of this country, despite the fact that their forefathers literally built this country too and have been present since the beginning. And the same applies to literature in English classes. When do you read Black lit? … February. Separate from the rest of the year.

    I’m aware that more and more educators are changing this but the system itself is flawed. But every single day of our children’s lives we’re telling them to devalue Black anything in favor of being more “normal” AKA White. So by the time they’re young adults they’ve been indoctrinated with the widely held view that this sort of racism is normal and somehow less insidious than screaming an obscenity at someone. In fact, I can guarantee that a handful of people will try to argue with my assertions above about America’s institutionalized racism because they truly believe there’s a “reason” for it. Because, you know, reasons make it right.

    • The reason history is “white” is because american history classes are either “american” or “world” histories, neither of which involves african cultures much beyond slavery and the civil rights movement. And it’s not because blacks were unable to be significant in history, but instead because African cultures are mostly isolationist.

      • I knew there would be a “reason”.

        To be blunt, history is white because white people dominate every important front of America, including what is to be taught our children. The reason you and most Americans have no idea of African or African-American history outside of slavery and civil rights is because a) you were never taught anything different, b) because many various African histories have been preserved orally, and c) because there’s a good 200 year gap where African cultures were absolutely decimated, destroyed and prevented from being passed forward. Most African-Americans don’t know which country their ancestors came from because whites didn’t care where they got their slaves from. Whites have erased the cultures and histories of Africans throughout the diaspora and have left people today with nothing to in terms of a history to look back at EXCEPT for slavery and the painful crawl through Civil Rights. And whites continue to prevent ANY knowledge from being spread by devaluing it and saying things as you’ve said in your comment. You’ve pretty much proven my point, unfortunately.

  43. Hispanics have been doing the biracial thing for years and no one bats an eye. The U.S. slaves went to Mexico and voila. Everyone considers me black (including myself), but I do have German ancestry, thanks to the slave master. But you wouldn’t know that by looking at me. I do see a lot of black and white couples more (including myself). I’ve had strangers off the street ask me if my son is Puerto Rican. As if it is any of their business. And there’s others that didn’t know he was white. I also see (if I’m correct) more white families adopting black kids. I had a white friend who considered adopting a black child because it was cheaper! Isn’t that sad to put a price on a child?

  44. I’d like to think that very soon… racism will be laughed at. That is, it will be something that is looked at as more of a, “why did we ever need to invent that word to describe that action… NOBODY does that!” 🙂

    This may take time, it may happen tomorrow. 😛

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

  45. I’m so happy to have discovered your blog. The issue of racism has been around since the beginning of time, and I don’t think its going away anytime soon. HOWEVER, I do believe that it is up to all of us to speak out against it at every opportunity. We must continue to support the laws and mandates that are in place that make actions against others of another race…I crime! Discrimination comes in many forms, and the sooner we get past this B.S. the better off we will all be in society. My partner and I are a bi-racial, same-gender couple, who have been together for over nine years. We have been fortunate enough not to have encountered any overt racism. However we have experienced discrimination due to the fact that we are of the same gender. We speak out about these things, we “try” to educate the ignorant, and we move on with our lives. I have spent my entire adult life working in the beauty and fashion industry, and I must say it has been a true pleasure to work with women and men of all colors. If people would just stop and notice the beauty of different skin tones, from the palest ivory skin to the darkest ebony skin. What a wonderful world we live in, where we can truly take pleasure in all the diversity. I don’t know about most people, but I certainly don’t want to live in a world where the only flavor of ice cream is vanilla!
    Max B.

  46. I’m of the opinion that racism is humorous. No before you run screaming to the hills that I am a terrible person, hear me out and think about. Racism is, at its core, a very funny phenomenon. Everyone on earth is the same (more or less), with variations essentially boiling down to climate, and according to authors like Jarrod Diamond, societal evolution advantages. So, we really have no place differentiating each other anyway.

    We do differentiate frequently however. And people take it seriously. Very seriously. What if we were all to laugh at the KKK rallies, instead of boiling over with rage? What if we had guffawed at the man who proclaimed dark skinned humans to be inferior to light skinned humans? What if we (the world) had treated Hitler as a stand-up comedian rather than a serious politician?

    The answer, as I believe it, is that racism would either be far less prevalent, or non-existant. If we look at history, we can correlate that observation with other trends. An example – dueling. Dueling used to be the very definition of seriousness and honorable action. If yours or your families honor was slighted, you were obligated to reclaim it in single combat. However, as society progressed, people started to mock duelers as humorous, outdated, and anachronistic. What occurred next? Dueling ceased to occur in the US.

    What if we applied the same to racism? Instead of holding panels and meetings and marches and forums and committees and conventions and so on, what if we simply laughed at racism as a joke. So, I will continue to laugh at racist jokes, mock the KKK as old men running about as ghosts during the wrong season (Alzheimer’s must have set in), and enjoy my life knowing that I don’t care what race you are, its all good for a laugh.

    (you can find me at 🙂 )

  47. Great post, very interesting 🙂
    But I personally feel that racism will always be around in some form or another.

  48. I’m old enough to have seen overt racism, as well as the more prevalent covert racism. Sometimes I feel that the only hope we have to eradicate racism is the gradual blending of all races into an “everyman.”

  49. Great blog! I am not biracial but I loveeeee when people are. And you’re right. They are everywhere! It’s great that now racist words are frowned down upon publicly and even privately.
    People are becoming more accepting. The progress has been astounding. And we are still progressing 🙂

  50. No it is a fact that rapist tend to select victims within their own race. Therefore, a white woman has less chances of being raped by a black criminal than by a black woman by a black criminal. It goes both way.
    Get you facts straight. Now I know why they say ignorance leads to racsim…

  51. Racism is a very complicated issue. It is sometimes confused with other issues. (The fear of outsiders, for example.) In the United States and South Africa (and other nations), it became institutionalized in the laws, in the culture, institutions (eg. schools). My general rule is that if someone mentions the words “us” and “them” then I should be on guard. All of us are the prisoners of the prejudices of our time. What should never be under-appreciated is the amount of good will that exists in people. Many people want the world to be a better place. For everyone.

  52. ” Enter the Tea Party, who have become well-known for their racism”

    Wow, that’s a serious stretch and evidence you have done ZERO homework on the Tea Party or the rallies held by them. How ridiculous to simply rely on what you hear in the media instead of investigating for yourself.

    I did click on the Washington Post article and I have to say he makes a pretty good point except he’s wrong. Why is it racist to compare a socialist with another socialist?

    Also, where were you, or this author from The Post, when Nancy Pelosi referred to the Tea Party as Nazis? Why didn’t he or you call her out for her blatant racism? Where were you two when senators were using a derogatory sexual term, Teabaggers, on our precious and cherished senate floor. That’s citizens being blatantly discriminated against. Oh that’s right, it’s okay when the left does it but the moment the right does then it’s racism.

    Since you made the claim that is now “well known” that the Tea Party movement is racist, then where’s your proof? You made the claim, you back it up. I’ve yet to see it.

    I guess I could follow your line of argument and say “enter Obama, who has become well known for his racism”. I have to assume that you will agree with that line of reasoning.

  53. While I am not personally a “tea party” republican, I am a conservative libertarian, and the values and goals are very similar it’s not a racist things, no more the the left is racist because some black and white nationalist groups are socialist. Tea Party member who I’ve met, are honest, law abiding citizens. Although not biracial myself, I grew up in a bi-racial family, my mother was/is white and my step-father was/is black, my genetic father passed away from before I can remember. So in essence I was raised similar to a biracial child.

    One question, that is actually harder to answer than one might think, is what is racism. Is it racist to not date someone based on race, to not have friends from different groups, if hate is not involved but rather who is more comfortable or more attracted to. Are scientfic studies on race and IQ, racist , I don’t know the answers to these but something to think about. Also I think it is wrong to label race mixing as a positive or negative thing, it assigns a value, and a preference to the racial make-up of an individual.

    The last things, is I agree with you that racism is wrong, but even worse is trying to disallow people to think things in private. People ought to be able to think what ever they want, and as long as they don’t physically harm others, do what they want.

    • First of all Libertarianism is the belief of the founding fathers, Ayn Rand was an objectivist, second you are an anti-semite. Jewish people fought and died for this nation like any other group.

  54. 1. The President’s first name is “Barack,” not “Barrack.”
    2. “Mexican” is not a race. It’s a nationality. If “Mexican” is a race, then so is “American.”
    3. “White” and “Black” are colors, not races. To still refer to “people of color” as opposed to people who apparently don’t have color, is inherently racist.
    3. My own first hand experience with TEA Partiers tells me that accusations of racism against them are merely red herrings. Ironically, the author of this post seems more likely to label someone according to race than any TEA Partiers I know.

  55. You make an interesting and sad point. I have recently found myself in a situation where racism is a lot more apparent. I moved to the South from New York, and like you said, far from loud cries of racial slurs on the street, I found everyone to be pleasant. But still, I had a weird feeling, one I couldn’t quite put my finger on, until one day I turned to my boyfriend and said, “Every one here is white!” He looked at me sideways and said, “Well, every one in this neighborhood.”

    And that’s when I realized that segregation is still alive and well, it’s just not government controlled anymore.

    On top of that, I was recently showing off pictures of my friends in New York to some people here. They nodded politely at all of them, but paused at a picture of two my best friends.

    “What race are they?” I was asked.

    I couldn’t believe it mattered. A lot of my previous pictures had been of people who were black or Asian or of some non-white race, but these two mixed-race girls came into question?

    “Er, she’s Romanian and Jamaican, and she’s Indian, Portuguese and Italian.”

    “Oh, okay.” The guy replied. “I just couldn’t figure it out.”

    Why should you have to?

    I’ve never been asked questions like these before. I don’t know what’s safe to mention in the South!

    • @themadjewess, you are obviously confused. I am a Native New Yorker too. That’s not racism you’re experiencing it’s called CULTURE. And there is NOTHING wrong with tolerating other cultures. That’s America did when Jews came here. Do you even know your own history? Please move from New York to some far-deep down south area. Or better yet go back to Europe and see what they think of you being Jewish. I think you’ll find their level of tolerance comforting :-). Bon voyage!

  56. I just wrote a post on an encounter I had with a guy I used to go to school with. He shocked me with how blatantly racist he was. He actually told me that he thought my college was “very black” and that I should rather transfer to his college to finish my degree. Because you know…it’s more white a.k.a better.

  57. This is a very good piece but it points out one of the huge problems with the racisim discourse. We should not create a world in which people are afraid to express an opinion or a like or dislike for fear of offending someone. You mention that you were “ragging” on the Mexican football team. It’s not clear what you said, but you described feeling bad because your part Mexican colleague overheard you. Now, if you were saying that you hope they lose because they are Mexican that’s one thing, but if you were offering your opinion that they aren’t good enough to advance to the finals that’s quite another. Racism is not hurting someone’s feelings because you don’t like everything they like. Not liking Chinese food is not racism. But those sorts of things are getting people called racist these days. And your piece would be better if you clarified that.

  58. I really liked your writing in this post. I’m going through some similar experiences with my in-laws. I’m Turkish, my husband “white American” of German, Prussian, Irish heritage – but the watered down kind that have no connections to their ancestry or culture.

    It seems to be constantly recurring that the current racial insensitives and “rants” are quickly defended by many who think that saying that “having so many Mexicans in L.A. is the reason why California is in trouble” is indeed racist and prejudicided. Or, saying you are tired of hearing “Persians speaking Persian in the grocery store” is also hate-motivated. And now with Mel Gibson’s rant: … “gang raped by a pack of niggers.” (I am only writing the word because it is allegedly what he said in the phone call.)

    Todays racism is as you said, sly interjected, and brushed under the rug and spoke of only amongst their own kind. Sometimes in attempted jest. (?!!!) It’s dangerous. The more one stays in their own cultural cocoon the easier it is to forget what the rest of the world looks like – or even ones own country.

    I think some are confused into believeing that Obama is the answer to the race problem in the United States. Obama can’t solve a random persons miseducation and racism. He’s human, not a god.

    In fact, it is not uncommon to hear people say things like: “don’t use the race card” or “I don’t see race, I’m colorblind.” All of which don’t help clean the wound, – it only encourages no direct, open, honest, healthy and helpful discourse.

    It is also not helpful when these comments come from “white American” or “white British” people who quite frankly had much to do with building hierarchy and status according to race (Palestine, Israel, India, the U.S.) – it’s like saying, “Ok, we used to do beat and rape people, but we don’t anymore, so f*****’ get over it.”

    The wounds are deep and until “white Americans” can join us not as simply as the big bad enemy, but as compassionate peers and accept their own part in this paradigm then we’ll just gather in our own groups and share stories of the hatred, prejudice, sexualization and racism directed at us whenever the “white American” or “white British” person does not feel their privilege or dominance is respected.

    • @Ash Omur – “The wounds are deep and until “white Americans” can join us not as simply as the big bad enemy, but as compassionate peers and accept their own part in this paradigm”

      Talk about racism. You sir have some serious racial issues.

  59. Good Post..

    I am gonna say that being mixed myself, I have experienced racism and stereotypes from all types of people, even from my korean side… So honestly I don’t think it’s one particular race that is more sensitive to this than others, it’s an issue of human nature in my opinion, fear of things that are diffferent, also in my case, something that is not pure one thing or the other, which tends to be harder if you ask me.

    I did find this to be a good read for sure and it’s definetly not something that’s going to go away anytime soon.

  60. Don’t you think it’s important to distinguish between the concept of “race” and the concept of “nationality”? Afterall, you mentioned forgetting that your co-worker is part Mexican, but ethnic heritages vary starkly across the Mexican population.

    Still your article is a great eye-opener and I appreciate your words.

  61. Victoria commented earlier: “I think that another hard part of racism today is that much of it is still institutionalized, lying quietly in everyday life without alerting white people of its existence and calling itself “the norm”. Consider this, here in the US our education system still operates under “separate but equal”. Ask yourself how many White children are forced to take and African American history class. Then ask yourself how many Black children are forced to take “the normal” history courses. White seems to be the norm, the default. White kids don’t need to be bothered to value that pesky ol’ African-American history, but you can bet that ALL Black children will be tested repeatedly on their knowledge of the white history of this country, despite the fact that their forefathers literally built this country too and have been present since the beginning. And the same applies to literature in English classes. When do you read Black lit? … February. Separate from the rest of the year. ”

    ‘Course a good tactic is to simply integrate some top black novelists/poets and black history figures into the curriculum throughout the year.

    As for certain segments of the population who might feel their communities are increasingly dominated (visually) by non-whites, the BIG test is who is in the power structure of decision-making: ie. in local/state/provincial politics, in executive /top management layers of corporations, etc. Does year-round cultural activities have an inclusive elment for all? Are there fusions of social service programming, art, sports, etc. locally that include broad membership, participation and problem-solving on issues?

    At this time, from far away as a Canada, it sometimes appears Obama’s colour and all negative stuff is getting mixed in with tea baggers’ fear of big government, government intrusion. Whatever. How ironic. It took federal law to begin to abolish racial segregation in terms of services, etc…. Tea baggers should be THANKING government.

  62. You really had me, and then you had to go hyperbolic:

    Once the minority becomes desperate enough to lash out at the majority, racism, with savage teeth, will find a way to claw its way out of the cage of forgetfulness we’ve put it in.

    And then who knows what may happen…

    Wow, that sounds scary. But isn’t “private racism” sorta like, well, private free speech? What are you suggesting — electronic bugs, busting down doors, rooting out every racist?

    The absolute LAST thing you want to do is make first amendment martyrs of bigots. Personally, I’d much rather have the hatred see the light of day — then it can be addressed.

    I see more and more bi-racial couples here in DC area, and think that’s great. It’s hard enough to find the right person — you shouldn’t limit the universe.

  63. And excuse me, it took state law also to make mixed marriages legal, etc. Please thank government for legally validating their legitimacy and their offspring.

  64. I think all peoples harbor elements, to a greater or lesser degree, of racist viewpoints, simply because humans have always tended to see differences between each other. All races have sinned against others at some point in history, all groups and tribes, even of the same race, have done the same. We demonize what frightens us, or what spawns our envy or jealousy, what challenges our beliefs about ourselves or our status in the world. These beliefs, these reactions run deep, deeper than we consciously realize. The success of human evolution, the perpetuation of the species, is based on the survival of the group, in competition with other groups.

    When white Americans first came into far Northern California during the Gold Rush, they gleefully slaughtered every Indian, man woman and child, they could run down. The same racism was at work through0ut the U.S., and had been so since King Phillip’s War in New England in the mid-17th Century. This was not your spewing some racial invective behind closed doors, this was wholesale genocide, methodically, many times joyfully carried out by Americans of European descent. The treatment of blacks over the course of the times of slavery was different only insofar as they were critical to economic prosperity in our early history as opposed to being “in the way” of “progress”. The violent racism that grew after the Civil War was a reaction against defeat, a reaction against the subversion of certain people’s self-image of being racially superior. This is how a cancer spreads, how a cold turns into a raging fever.

    With that said, it’s usually the passing of time that begins to heal a sickness, people’s interacting in a social context that changes minds, and, perhaps most critically, children growing up together in a mutually supportive environment, where playing together is accepted and practiced. It’s a change that takes generations, even though in some parts of the world, it seems as if it never will (Uzbeks and Tajiks, the general dislike of Gypsies throughout Europe, and let’s not even start with anti-Semitism). But conviviality, cosmopolitanism, urbanity act to soften the divides that have forever plagued mankind.

    I’m a 60-year old white guy. I’m married to a full-blood Navajo Indian woman. I have a white son from a prior marriage, a Navajo stepdaughter and white/Navajo son and daughter. My wife’s sisters have married Navajos, Puerto Ricans, Blacks and Mexicans. I have nephews and nieces covering every color and ethnic background imaginable. So I, and my family, live in a multiracial world everyday, and I see my kids, with friends and relatives of all races and multiraces, growing up without any of the old divides, the old prejudices. Time and intermarriage, time and familiarity. Yes, it’s revolutionary, but it’s evolutionary as well. Time heals all wounds, or at least we can only hope.

  65. I would associate myself with the “Tea Party” in the stand for smaller government. As do MANY of my friends, several of whom, like us, have adopted children, who we adore and cherish, of another race (read beautiful little joys of very dark color). You grouping people of one political view with a fringe few who spew hatred is no different than Gibson’s hate filled diatribe.

    Practice what you preach brother.

  66. Great post, very well-written. Just because you’re saying something behind closed doors doesn’t make you any less of a bigot, so it’s no excuse that Mel didn’t intend for anyone else to hear his rant. It’s like how people think that if you whisper something’s “so gay” that it makes it okay. You’re afraid someone will hear you which leads me to believe you know it’s wrong to say it.

  67. Hello, that was very well written, thank you. I completely agree. Racism has become the politically incorrect attitude – but it is still there and lives on in more privat spheres. I certainly will take a look at the Tea Party, I never thought about loking at their website, but I can already imagine…

  68. “El Supremo Dictador” José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia, the first ruler (masonic, and absolute ruler) of “independent” Paraguay had every dog killed, closed the only seminary, forbade monastacism, turned the nunneries into barracks, seized all property from the Church and most of everyone else’s property, had priests killed if they refused to pledge allegiance to him, personally conducted every wedding — for which he charged a heavy fine and then imposed heavy taxes on all marriages, and banned Whites from marrying Whites.

    The “Masonic Paradise”.

  69. Since the ZOGUSA goverment supports the apartheid Jew-state Zionist Entity in Occupied Palstine, how can their be any US legal objection to White/Black/Messican etc apartheid etc in the ZOGUSA?

  70. *Blog person who wrote this, you might take note that you are partisan and stuck in the Marxist Media Malfunctioning cancer, who is going to end up being wrong about Mel Gibson.

    And, also, what can you do if someone is a racist? Nothing. How do we know that YOU are not racist against white people because you say you are a ‘bi-racialist?’ Maybe you hate your black side? How do we know you dont? How do we know your girlfriend/wife does not hate her own people?

    The Manchurian Obama, does not have any legit info. on himself being either from 1. kenya, 2. Indonesia, or 3. Hawaii. So, there is much speculation on him even being “Black African” American. When did people lose just being plain ol Americans?

    Mel does not seem to be a racist, he married a woman that is a RUSSIAN and he is an AUSSIE. Or does YOUR version of racism only define racism/nationalism etc.. against black Americans? Saying the holy grail “N” Word does not a racist make.

    What about whites in South Africa that are being murdered- 90 a day BY black people in Africa, just BECAUSE they are white? Is that not racism? They have signs that say “KILL ALL WHITE PEOPLE!” This is not racist??

    The Tea Partiers are not racist people. they are worried about this nation. If you think that you happen to be the only ‘fortunate’ ones to be bi-racially married, you are not.

    It does look to me as well, that you are attacking the Tea Parties, since it just falls in line with the hate-filled NAACP, who are the REAL racists and who endorse the Black Panthers, to “Kill all whites and their babies”– BUT, that is not racist here in America. Calling for someones death is not even a little racist, b/c there is NO such thing as racism against whites. Sure.. And there are bridges in Brooklyn to sell people…

    • Like, do you even realize that you’re Jewish? Are you even actually Jewish? Do you realize that just a few shorts years ago and in the deep parts of the south the KKK would hang you? You ARE NOT a member of White America honey. You’re a Jew aka the enemy. Stop standing behind enemy battle lines shooting at your only line of defense because when they turn on you, and they will, you’ll be all alone. Stop trying to defend a culture that is NOT yours. You are America but honey you ain’t white. There is racism against whites, no one said there wasn’t! AND by sitting here whining about how whites are victims are reverse racism you are only supporting the idea that only white are racist, genius. Thanks for reflecting poorly on our people.

    • All South Africa proves if that all people are equally evil, no matter who is in charge, someone got screwed.

  71. as a tea partier, I am glad that racism has been somewhat reduced. I would actually like to see KKK and BLACK PANTHERS and LA RAZA all disappear completely. Its time to end this nonsense once and for all.

  72. LOL another kid that bought into the media’s marketing. You were on a roll until you stereotyped a group of people in your blog. The tea party is not an organization that promotes racism. I myself am mixed white and hispanic and have been to a tea party protest at my congressman’s office. I didn’t see any people with racist signs or shouting racist slurs like they say the tea party does. Now let me ask you this. Have u ever been to a tea party protest? Have you physically seen or heard some kind of racism at a tea party protest? If you couldn’t even answer the first question then by definition what you are doing is spreading propaganda. Your trusting someone else’s unfound claims and running with it if you haven’t. CNN aired footage of a protest where the black caucus was walking in between a crowd of teapartiers towards the capitol. Most have probably seen it, it aired a few months ago. Another news organization publicly offered a $10,000 reward for anyone who had footage of the tea partiers actually saying the “N word” at that same rally. That news organization already had over 15 different angles of that same protest yet could not find the “N word” in any of the footage they had. CNN aired footage they had though (footage where you cannot hear anyone saying the “N word” i’ve checked over and over again) and their caption was that there were reports that the “N word” was “hurled” at the congressmen. “There were reports” is just a fancy way of saying we can’t confirm it but we’re going to play footage of what we did film and say that they were anyway. Nobody has been able to come forward with footage of the “N word” being “hurled” at those congressman yet a few months have passed and the impression is still left in the minds of people who don’t do their homework and so CNN never even needed to have the actual proof.

    Ever heard of the New Black Panther Party and how they were illegally standing outside of a polling place with weapons in the November 2008 elections? How much air time did that get in the mainstream media? There is actually footage, video PROOF, that this happened and you can watch it on youtube. Yet when there is no video or audio proof that the “N word” was said at that rally, CNN will air it over and over again. There is bias on BOTH sides of the argument. Alot of people know that Fox is biased but they don’t know that CNN is biased too, just in the exact opposite direction.

    One last thing. My girlfriend is from Saudi Arabia yet according to your logic I’m a racist since i’m part of the tea party.I voted for Obama because i really believed he was going to change things but I have been to a tea party protest at my congressman’s office over healthcare, does that make me a racist? One of my best friends jamsine is black, but since I’ve been to a tea part protest I’m a racist? Fight stereotyping/racism on both sides of the argument, not just yours. You can’t be against racism and stereotyping and then turn around and stereotype of one group of people…it’s illogical

  73. Thanks for a great article. I am white, mixed-breed American and my wife is Chinese. Our daughter is thus a yellow/white mix and very proud of both cultures. We live in a small town in the South and take my word for it, racism is alive and well.

  74. Interesting point you’ve got there. Coming from a mixed-raced background and having grown up in Brazil – seemingly the world’s most racially mixed country, I can assure that bi- or multiracials do not solve the problem of racism.

    Very often you’ll see that one of the races is still more valued and it shows in many aways. It makes it even harder to fight it because as partly white (or whatever the most prestigious race is) you feel like you’re fighting against your own parent.

    But I do wish things were that simple.

  75. Interesting read, and I completely agree that racism is far from being abolished. Being a private racist is just as wrong as open one. I believe that the solution here lies within each individual. Each person should decide to change for the better, not have change imposed on them. It’s a matter of being able to go through each day without being affected by other people.

  76. @ themadjewess: I’m still learning about all this stuff so don’t be too hard on me if I don’t know about something.

    “So Kennedy is a Jew, Obama is a Jew, Biden is a Jew, Dodd is a Jew, Reid is a Jew, Baucus, Kucinich, Clinton, Gore- bla bla bla.. Dear heart Maria…Marxism and Communism is not exclusive to JEWS.” They may not be Jews, but they are obviously working for the Jews…I’ve seen almost all of these guys wearing Yalmakas as they stick secret notes into the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem!

    Communism was invented by the Jews…ALL of the founders of Communism were Jewish.

    I just now looked up the word ‘racism’, here’s what I found out…According to the Oxford English Dictionary the term ‘racist’ was coined by Leon Davidovich Bronstein (a.k.a. Leon Trotsky). Anti-racism is a major focus of Cultural Marxism.”

    So, yeah…this “Racism” thing is definitely an indispensable part of the Jewish-led New World Order plan for world domination/cultural enslavement.

    @ the OP: I’ll bet you didn’t know that you were a Communist sympathizer, did ya? hehe…don’t worry, I was too! That is until my husband started looking into some of this stuff…and FORCED me to look at what he found out (we had a huge fight over this stuff and he said that if I wouldn’t look at what he found he was going to move out!!) I’m glad he did because it has opened my eyes to a whole other world…it’s a very hard thing to admit that your beliefs are a fraud! Trust me on that.

  77. Congrats on being selected for FP …I had the same honour over Memorial day weekend. I think this is a great article, a great statement. I have tow biracial sons. I was married to a beautiful African American woman. the marriage didn’t last for reasons I won’t go into here. it was mostly my fault the marriage didn’t work out. She’s an angel. When I see biracial couples I smile a big smile, my heart is glad. It takes two strong people to be involved in an inter-racial relationship. I applaud you. You’re close too, I’m in Delaware, I spent a lot of time in Philly. Anyway …Congrats, and the best to you and yours.

  78. @madjewess

    I have to disagree ..the Tea Party? Well, the Klan has finally taken off their hoods … Maybe you subscribe to the racist extremist right wing radio talk show hosts who spew hatred everyday like so much vomit, and who defend the Tea Party, and who since Sept. 11th have vilified Muslims, and attacked Islam with no knowledge of Islam, the right wingers who spread FUD ….Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Your comment has a very defensive tone …almost a lashing out. The Manchurian Obama? What gives America the right to go stomping around the globe hammering people over the head with democracy? drilling it into people’s heads …like Manchurian Candidates. What gives America the right to do that? And they do that in the name of the Christian god. America claims god is on their side. What a load of rubbish that is! what gives America the right to impose their will on people?
    Democracy can go to hell! Democracy is a failing and dying experiment. This country was founded by slave owners who wanted to be free …this is not true? founded by Masons! better you should fear them than to fear the NAACP ….Man ….so sad ….Mel Gibson not a racist because he married a Russian woman? …this is not the first time he has made racist statements. After looking at your blog …seems you’re a bit of a Nationalist ….Nationalism is racism. ‘Nuff said …

    • Democracy isn’t perfect, but people have a right to govern themselvs. Any government that isn’t a democracy is A more violent, and is more likely to instigate war (very rarely to established democracies wage war against one another read Never At War) there are problems with democracy most to degrade into pseudo oligarchies (read the Iron Law Of Oligarchy). Still with all of it’s flaws, it is the answer to free people from illegitimate governments.

      Nationalism isn’t racism, they to can go together, but nationalism just means that A you believe in protecting and putting the needs of your fellow citizens above others (regarldless of race, color, creed of class). Racism is judging people based on their ethnic background or orgins.

  79. Congrats on making Freshly Pressed!
    Your post is wonderful, and you and your girlfriend make a gorgeous couple, but that has far more to do with your winning smiles and obvious happiness than the color of either of your skins.
    Slightly apalled at some of the comments you’ve received!
    I was raised in Hawai’i as a racial minority and it has shaped the way I view race and culture. I experienced enough racism and enough aloha–unconditional love–to understand it can all go every way and bigotry is not always something Caucasian people impose on others.
    One of the most surreal moments of my life was as a senior in high school sitting in an auditorium with 200 classmates receiving a lecture on how to fill out scholarship applications for minorities. There were three of us for whom the information was not relevant, even though we’d been minorities our whole lives. Weirdness.
    The word for biracial in Hawai’i is “hapa,” meaning “half,” and there is no stigma attached to it. It is the norm. Very few children look like their parents there, and that doesn’t make anyone bat an eye. Where I live now, in the Midwest, if I were to go to the grocery store with a child of another color, the clerk would assume I was baby-sitting, or the child had come to my family through adoption. In Hawai’i, the assumption would be that I was married to a man of a racial background different from my own, and was buying groceries with my biological child. There is a more open-minded idea of what a family looks like there, even though (sadly) there is also a general assumption that anyone who sunburns easily is an idiot.
    You’d better believe I’m talking about racism with my young sons–nothing makes it seem stupider than bearing the brunt of it and it is vitally important to me that they learn–both through example and clear instruction–that people are people and we are friends with everyone, without hang-ups. Pretending a problem doesn’t exist doesn’t make it go away. May thoughtful attitudes spread so that my sons are never assumed to be bigots because of the color of their skin.
    Love is normal, and so are you.

  80. You know. The only thing I have to say is that when you create something and said you did not create it after it is full blown you will run into a problem called denial. I think that the blood that was spilled and the torture,murder and inhumane things that was done to black americas and indians was horrific.
    I see black americas always searching for identity and systematically told not to talk about their history because it exposes so much. I feel sorry for those new school white americas who are trying to make things right for what their parents did but When you spill someone else’s blood so that the next generation can inherit gains in life you forget that it really is a curse not a advantage. One of the founding fathers new this was going to happen as he slept with so many african american women and hung alot of the men. “Thomas Jefferson said ” for what we did to these people if there is a just God in the future we are in trouble” True forgiveness and healing is the only way to solve this issues. But the more people use pride in the culture versus what was really done allowthe blood from the ground to curse those who have inherited it.. Let us all forgive and find healing

  81. The real issue has very little to do with Mel Gibson. I think the extent to which racism continues to exist in our society has a lot to do with what we teach our kids. I may be biased in this belief, but as the owner of a multicultural children’s bookstore (, my focus is on doing what I can to ensure that there are positive images and positive discussions about people of all shades and colors. I think some of the posts really highlight the need to start having a meaningful intelligent discussion through literature at a very early age. Learning to celebrate and respect other races starts early, and every parent and teacher shares the responsibility.

  82. I am Black, female, from Georgia and I’ve been trying to go the comments on this post without poisoning my brain….

    I like Sam’s post but I would caution everyone against acting and thinking as if biraciality is the end all of racism and hatred based on race in this country. People have been born biracial in this country before it was a country: It didn’t solve racism before and it isn’t solving it now.

    If anything ideas of biraciality and interracial relationships are being manipulated and portrayed publicly through the media as a fetish and used as blinder, to mask the existence of racism and internalized racism in those relationships and in the portrayal of those relationships.

    I’m all for people being with people they wanna be with. Biracial/interracial is beautiful to behold.


    I also like to keep it real about the fact that sometimes those relationships are just as racist as Black and white in America.

    Biraciality is NOT the end all of racism. It complicates the situation but a “for real-for real” racist will still spit in the face of someone who is their own blood if their mixed.

  83. I enjoyed this post. I love the title. I have alot of thoughts when it comes to racism. First, I think we have improved as a country in regards to “real racism”. I also think that the accusation of racism is becoming “over rated” Alot of times people are accussed of racism when it isn’t racism. The way a person thinks about a race might be true, not 100% off the time but maybe 85% of the time. I have mixed emotions about the word “racism”. I believe it’s wrong to hurt people, deney them equal rights, or mistreat them based upon the way the look. But I feel the term racism is over used and often misused. Their are things that are cultural- “most” Mexicans from Mexico eat spicey food and eat tortillas, that’s an observation and probably wouldn’t be construed as racist. But if you go to a predominantly black school where black students are often having fist fights and you than claim that black people are oftentimes aggressive it’s racist- I think observation is a good thing. I think it can help fix alot of problems and we shouldn’t be afraid of being considered racist if it is creative criticism. I fill that poor white people are lazy- I’m white and I think we shouldn’t settle for less than our best. It’s okay to be poor, but not to be lazy. It’s okay to be black but not to be aggressive. And I know alot of the things I’m talking about are a mix between race and economic class. But I think it’s time to tell the truth and say things as they are and not ignor them. We should also be proud of the beauty in each culture and race. I think black people have the best hairstyles- I love cornrows and braids, afros too. My boyfriend is a descendent of indigenous or “indians” of mexico and I’m proud of the words he knows from their language. I’m also happy that he’s overcome machismo. Sorry to rant, but I have alot of thoughts about this topic.

    • I’m just want to respond by saying that I don’t think that its okay to stereotype groups of people. Black people are not generally “aggressive”, for example. Saying so is a racist stereotype/internally racist stereotype that has been perpetuated in America for centuries. Take it from me, I’m college educated, but I grew up in APS (Atlanta Public Schools) my whole life before college–its an over 80% Black school system. Black kids (ALL kids actually) fight for stupid reasons a lot of the time but its not because all of them are aggressive–its because if they know its no use holding it in if they feel like they’ve just got to fight somebody for whatever reason. Don’t play into the game of “Oh I just observed” if you are not a member of that community. We are not animals at the zoo to be observed. (Even animals at the zoo shouldn’t be there…)

  84. This is an excellent post that got me to introspect.

    I think what’s remarkable today is that while racism is not something overtly said, done and acted upon…. what remains predominant today are the stereotypes we all have of different races.

    I’m Chinese by descent, living in the Philippines.

    While here, the Chinese are generally accepted as part of Filipino culture, what I do find annoying are all the stereotypes other races will always have of my race. In their minds, all Chinese in the Philippines are filthy rich, spoiled and don’t have to work a day in their life.

    It’s so far from the truth. While the remarks are generally harmless, it doesn’t make it any less better.

    Maybe it’s innate in all people already, to have preconceived notions about things outside of themselves.

  85. Ah, so easy to brand the Tea Party as racists when you do nothing to look a them except in the pov of racism. Of course, when you wear those glasses, I guess you can find racism in the Far Side too.

  86. You being a cute couple caught my eye! I have bloged with left & right– bigotry in both! I supported Hillary, I was disappointed in bigotry. be yourselves & have fun! America has bigotry– not just a section! love & peace, Dona

  87. Why is it that the term “racial” is always applied to black vs. white skinned people? I am bi-racial, I have absolutely no black blood in me. I don’t care the color of your skin. Why should you care about the color of mine? And why is having an African-American in the white house such a big deal anyway? He won’t help MY cause, MY people. Whites invaded my ancestors territory and claimed a land they didn’t have any right to “own”. I am now a product of that invasion. I do not hold a grudge, but don’t ever come up to me and say that I’m treating you different because of the color of your skin. I treat all people the same, if you have an attitude, I won’t stand for it. I’m not a victim in this country, neither are any black skinned people either. You decide your future, that’s the great thing about the USA. So far we have the freedom to choose our own life path. What you do with your life is up to you, don’t let anyone tell you different.

    • I would argue that race and racism is always talked in terms of “black” and “white” because they are seen as diametrically opposed. During the Victorian era in particular, whites spent a lot of time setting up their culture and society to be opposed and therefore opposite and different from everyone else’s, especially that of Africans or Black peoples. Historically, a certain group of people have set it up so that the definition, the epitome, of “interracial” is Black and white. Its the best example because the difference between the two is viewed as physically obvious, so visible (for example, the only reason many Black people are considered “dark-skinned” is because they are not “white-skinned” or of a fairly complexion).

      FYI: Black people are not “black-skinned”. Black is a racial, political, and ethnic identity. Is coffee really “black”? No. Its dark dark brown. Pour it on a light-colored napkin and you’ll see.

      I feel apologetic that other biracial and multiracial peoples don’t get as much attention in discussions. Its the way things are and it is something that needs to change. Its not all about Black and white, but thats where a lot of pain and hatred and horror has been concentrated in America historically and thats why it keeps coming up.

      Its true that you decide things in your life but certain things are outside of your control. Don’t let the American flag-wavers fool you: This is not the land of opportunity for everyone. There is no achievement gap. There is an opportunity gap. And even when the opportunity is there who wants to sell their soul, their lived reality, and their culture for it (because we all know opportunity always costs something if you can’t be all of who you are to get it right)? We still live in a white-dominated country. Dominated by white western European norms of culture, exploitative world view, and image.

  88. “Racism in privacy is still racism.”

    So true, so true. The culture that I’ve grown up in is nothing like what American children experienced in the 40s, 50s and 60s. What we’re growing up into now is a sort of cloaked racism, wherein racial remarks are made, but behind closed doors. For instance, I was raised by my grandfather who held onto some pretty deep-seeded racial beliefs. I’m half Cherokee and it definitely shows. All my life my grandfather has casually dropped a racist idea here or belief there. And it wasn’t until my older, half-brother (who looks nothing like me and is white), revealed it to me. It some adjusting, but I think I’ve come out stronger for it.

    Truth be told, I think my grandfather’s racist ideas have eroded quite significantly. Before he favored my older brother by treating him with special attention and buying him whatever he wanted; leaving me to get the hand-me-downs or get what my brother got, but only because my brother got it. It took him nearly a decade to realize that no matter what he once believed, I could anything my brother could, even forgive the racist.

    I think the only solution to the cloaked racism is to recognize it for what it really is and remain unaffected, remain steadfast in emotional composure; to keep one’s poker face strong even when the chains of racism whip against one’s back again and again and again. And maybe one day, those chains will rust and snap apart…

  89. Ms. Queenly- I’m facinated by culture. I’ve traveled to other countries and have friends from many places, as I would guess you do too being from Atlanta. It’s not racist to see life as it is, it’s the only way to learn from one another and become better people. I know wonderful black people. I’ve been out on dates with black men. Is it racist if I saw that black people are oftentimes religious? Is it racist that my psychology book says that children in Asian families are oftentimes studious? My psychology book also says that the strength of black families is that they are “tight nit”, meaning they’re there for oneanother? It’s only considered racist usually if it something negative is said- correct? My only point I’m trying to make is that the problem of racism has improved and that the accusation that- “it’s racism” is over used. I don’t deny that it exists. I am also in an interacial relationship. My boyfriend as I said is from Mexico- and I face my share of obstacles for going out with him. Nice chatting.

    Sam: I still really enjoyed this post and plan to come back more often. I was just throwing some thoughts out there, I hope not to have been misunderstood. You guys make a beautiful couple!

  90. This is so real. It’s hard to live in a world where being biracial is “okay” but somehow being different, ethnically obviously different, is hard as well. This was such a reminder of society’s “dwindling” problems. As for Mel Gibson… He should drink some herbal tea for his anger issues.

  91. Hmmm. No reference to racism by people of color. When organizations like NAACP decry the Tea Party movement, yet invite a USDA official to an event where she regales in how she chose to let a white farmer slide in to bankruptcy, the argument for a color blind society becomes a joke.

    I visited my friend’s AME church a couple of years ago. Let’s just say, I was not welcome, despite sitting quietly in the back.

    I’m white, my aunt is black, my roommates were black, as were two of my groomsmen. Doesn’t matter. Racism is pervasive in all corners and is an immutable fact of life. Make your acre on earth better and quit worrying about others. Life is too short. Philosophical discussions on politics and social justice are a waste of time, as they only manifest in real life as one group stealing from another. Blessings…

  92. Oh yeah, also you have to excuse some of the (personal attacks) comments that were the results of “in-breeding”

  93. How many “nazies” does it take to change a light bulb? Doesn’t matter they’ll just blame it on the “jew”.

  94. Hello from Singapore! My boyfriend’s caucasian and from Canada, I’m Chinese and from Singapore. Blatant racism is hard to find (but not absent!) here, but lots of snarky things get said, and you don’t even have to listen that hard to hear them. Which in my view is pathetic. Thanks for your thoughts, keep writing! :]

  95. Sam,

    Nice article about a hot topic that as old as the ages. The issues of mixed race has been an issues since a man and woman realized that the vagina could receive the penis. Don’t be fooled there will always be racists and we will always be racist. I suspect in 3050 if we don’t destroy this beautiful planet it will be filled with a Beige majority and believe me, people will be hating on those who are dark beige and those who are light beige. And each party will try to look like each other.

    My friend and fellow readers, my Indian, Irish and African mother from Louisiana would say, “don’t be fooled and don’t get comfortable, it ain’t over yet!”


  96. Maybe this is how racism has to disappear, like sorting your wardrobe. You have a piece of clothing that you wear less and less. You don’t want to be seen wearing it, but you haven’t got around to throwing it away just yet. It just hangs in the closet where you see it and then the day comes when you decide to purge and throw it away. Likewise, racism as described here is moving behind closed doors, where it will not only stay but will be brought out less and less, until it is forgotten (we hope). For full disclosure, I have biracial children and when we draw looks it is out of mild curiousity (do they look like mom or dad?).

  97. So when its your time and my time to be in the dirt , let me know how all this ‘white genocide” thing really matter.

  98. Great post! My husband once had a mutual friend ask him what he thought about biracial relationships. My husband just gave him a strange look and said, “I’m in a biracial relationship.” The friend must have forgotten that I was Asian. : )

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  101. Great article! I agree with previous comments that racism is much more complicated than just saying that its white people who have a problem with different races, it’s everyone in all areas of the world. And until people step out of their comfort zone and discuss racism, especially with their children, it’s a problem that will never go away.

  102. I think this is a great article. you talk about racism in a way that people could understand. I love that you have personal relationship with racism. it is really a nice article

  103. How does it feel to be a living repudiation against evil? Awesome post.
    I get so aggravated with bigots who try to couch their hatred in benign rhetoric. “I have nothing against Mexicans, they just don’t belong in America.” “I have no problem with gays, but their relationships don’t count.” “I’m not racist, but…” ALWAYS followed by pure racism. They are too intimidated to own their hate in public, which is a good thing, but then they start to believe their own nonsensical justifications…aargh!

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  105. Nice post and insights. I agree that racism now takes place primarily behind closed doors. I also believe that a lot of it goes unspoken even there. Attitudes are sometimes so ingrained that sometimes people aren’t even acting consciously (which of course, does not excuse it). It’s often difficult to tell if race plays a factor in a certain outcome or behavior (or whether it could be a combination of factors). And in fact when a minority (I am a woman of color) discusses concepts of racism, it can even be self-destructive in a number of ways – in the way others may perceive it, and anxieties concerning race can even lead to self-oppression. I think that immigrants today are going through exactly what the Irish and Italian went through in the 1800s/1900s and that soon enough it will be more mainstreamed.

  106. excellent post;
    the more we push our society and lifestyle to have people learn the true essence of themselves and gain more wisdom, people will not be judged by something they cannot change, whats inside is more important than anything you could ever see

  107. Please take your need to be accepted by white society somewhere else. If you’re Asian, go watch Avatar the movie and then get back to me on . And if you’re not white, why don’t you stop trying to be Japanese. K? Thanks.

    Plus, since I am a Jew(obviously) and we’re the so-called Media, I would think Mel spends A LOT of time thinking about me and those like me, thank you very much. And please learn to use wordpress, there’s a reply button. Why don’t you learn to use it.

    I’m not a man. I don’t stick it in anywhere. The Tea Party is NOT another Jew scam. I’m not Ashkenazi so your comment doesn’t bother me at all! Thanks for throwing out anti-Jewish comments and talking about we loosely use the term racism. God you people are so idiotic. ALL HE WAS SAYING IS THAT BIRACIAL PEOPLE ARE EVERYWHERE AND YOU CHOSE TO COMMENT. IF YOU DON’T LIKE HIS BLOG GET THE HELL OFF IT.

  108. Are you on drugs? NOT ALL JEWS ARE WHITE. Really they are white at all, just watered down black people. Mel Gibson is anti-semitic and always has been. And not all Jews hate Jesus. Way to racial generalize there buddy! I also love how you assume there are no white liberals or conservative whites married to people of color. Honey, you got it wrong PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE IN FOR A RUDE AWAKENING. And no one is trying to censor free speech, stop smoking crack with Sarah Palin and making up these false fears.

  109. I am calling B.S. he made comments similar to those way before Passion of the Christ, which was an amazing movie by the way. Also, and hold on to your seat for this Jesus was Jewish. Yes, a Jew. Just like the people you’re constantly insulting. Way to go. And 正教会の智 I am positive that your as Asian as the men at the Boston Tea Party were actually Native American. Stop hiding behind a veil of color.

  110. $50 says that Maria is NOT even Latina but some racist( and yes I said the big bad “R” word racist) pretending to be a person of color to show that “white people” aren’t alone in their beliefs. Just like that guy with the so called Kanji name. How do I know they are trolls? easy: 1) A true white person non-racist wouldn’t assume that ALL white-Americans are racist, conservative ,not liberal and not any other religion besides Christian.

    To all the pretend ethnic people you aren’t fulling anybody. It’s obvious that you’re frauds! Here’s a little tip about white people: Some are married to people of different ethnicities, some are Muslim, some are liberal, some are democrat, some are only high school educated, some cannot stand the Tea Party and most disagree what what your saying.
    Also some fun facts about Jews, Mexicans and Blacks. Some are conservative not liberal, some support the Tea Party, some are Christian, Muslim or Jewish. Some graduated from top Ivy League universities because they were SMART not that AA nonsense you all whine about. Also, stop trying to blame Jews for all your problems and throwing out Jesus, when he WAS JEWISH himself. Get a life, a dictionary and a clue. Thanks.

  111. @themadjewess- NO honey. I just don’t tolerate people like you. I cannot even begin to call that white space in your form of logic thinking. My point isn’t crushed at all. I said that Europe and New York are multi-cultural places and for the most part they are. And people who think like you are a dying/unwelcome breed. Deal with it! Even in Israel you’d be out of place! That’s just facts. You dislike multiculturalism and you’re running out of places to go unless you count swamps. There will be tons of room for racist there.

  112. You do realize that World War 2 already happened right? And that the entire idea that diversity will create World War 3 is idiotic. The World War was created by ethnic and religious intolerance. Also, communism Jews? What are you talking about? The worlds leading capitalist/ classical liberal was Milton Friedman! The Jews did not cause the war, they were the victims of the war. And just because you marry a Jew doesn’t mean you’re Jewish. There are plenty of people who marry outside of their religion and race. Your idea that all Jews are communist is gravely inaccurate!

    • I never said that ALL Jews are Communists. The common Jew was a victim of Communism right along with his neighbors…indeed, the “little” Jews are oftentimes more abused by the Hostile Jewish Elite (the International Bankster cartels) than the Gentiles are! Be that as it may, Communism was a Jewish invention.

      You wrote…”You do realize that World War 2 already happened right? And that the entire idea that diversity will create World War 3 is idiotic.”

      I don’t know wtf you’re talking about here…I made reference to CIVIL WAR 2.0, not WW 2. Although, the Rothschild’s were heavily involved in the financing of both sides of that terrible conflict – wars are extremely profitable for the International Banksters. I never said that diversity would cause WW 3.

      You really should take a course in reading comprehension.

    • Communism was a Jewish invention. Says little guy.

      You are quite wrong Sir.
      Communism was founded by Fredrich Engels, he was a GERMAN Nationalist, he ‘sponsered’ Karl Marx.. Sorry, sir, you are not correct on this.

      Communism came out of German school of thought known as the “German Historical School“.
      The founders of Communism called it “The German Ideology“.
      It was organized by an Aryan, Friedrich Engels, who needed to hire someone with “Jewish brains”, so he sponsored the most self-hating Jew he could find – Karl Marx, an ATHEIST.

    • Friedrich Engels has often been credited in composing the first drafts, which led to The Communist Manifesto. In July 1847, Engels was elected into the Communist League, where he was assigned to draw up a catechism. This became the Draft of a Communist Confession of Faith. The draft contained almost two dozen questions that helped express the ideas of both Engels and Karl Marx at the time. In October 1847, Engels composed his second draft for the Communist League entitled, The Principles of Communism. The text remained unpublished until 1914, despite its basis for The Manifesto. From Engels’s drafts Marx was able to write, once commissioned by the Communist League, The Communist Manifesto, where he combined more of his ideas along with Engels’s drafts and work, The Condition of the Working Class in England.[3]

      Although the names of both Engels and Karl Marx appear on the title page alongside the “persistent assumption of joint-authorship”, Engels, in the preface introduction to the 1883 German edition of the Manifesto, said that the Manifesto was “essentially Marx’s work” and that “the basic thought… belongs solely and exclusively to Marx.”[4]

      Engels wrote after Marx’s death,

      “I cannot deny that both before and during my forty years’ collaboration with Marx I had a certain independent share in laying the foundations of the theory, but the greater part of its leading basic principles belong to Marx….Marx was a genius; we others were at best talented. Without him the theory would not be by far what it is today. It therefore rightly bears his name.”[5]

  113. Madjewess, I am ignoring you based on the fact that you are an utter disgrace, not only to Judaism but New Yorkers. You’re double the amount of what’s wrong in the world. You reflect horribly on a nation that’s already hated and you have no idea what your talking about. I don’t care if you get my points because as far as I am concerned you delusional and a poor excuse for a Jewish woman. I am not intolerant of you, I am DISGUSTED by you. And your warped views are just the beginning. Also, you can place Israel at the top of the list of places you’re not welcome in.

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  115. It depende I’m afraid of how much bad we feel or not, if you feel you have no hope you don’t like anybody else in the world, you hate all of the sudden , you become another man, very worse then the one you use to be….we should live in a better way to be brothers.TO LOVE.
    Stefano of

  116. It depends I’m afraid of how much bad we feel or not, if you feel you have no hope you don’t like anybody else in the world, you hate all of the sudden , you become another man, very worse then the one you use to be….we should live in a better way to be brothers.TO LOVE.
    Stefano of

  117. Sam you really have to moderate some of these comments. The Blatantly racist crap does nothing for the debate. It isn’t fee speech it is just trash talk.

    That said the last post by the “little Guy” is absolute nonsense from beginning to end. In an attempt to sound educated he has failed I have an honours degree in history and all of what he alludes to here is mostly nonsense or pure coincidence. The scarey thing is this guy thinks he’s smart and has no idea that besides the few lunatic fringe types out there the rest of us are laughing our butts off over the stream of Incredible BS he just spewed. I just thank God his type are dying out. It surprises me that in a nation that has a black president such absolute racist garbage exists.

    • Bill wrote…”The Blatantly racist crap does nothing for the debate.”

      What I wrote has EVERYTHING to do with the debate! I pointed out WHO (a Communist) coined the term ‘racist’ and argued that the term was developed as a psychological weapon to be used to facilitate the spread of Communism. Antisemitism is the exact same type of psychological weapon. Take a look at this…

      IF you can refute what I said then do it…if not, I would invite you to STFU.

      Liberalism = Communism. More precisely, Liberalism, as we find it today, is the Social Engineering/propaganda (read Brainwashing) arm of the Communist New World Order. Everything that liberals espouse today was lifted straight out of the Communist Manifesto or the Protocols of Zion. Anyone (honest) can investigate this for themselves and then compare and contrast the new information with what we can easily observe in our everyday lives, under the Clinton/Bush/Obama administrations. It’s really quite chilling the first time you undertake this process.

      I’m not saying that liberals are bad people – quite the opposite – I’m saying that liberals, just like conservatives, have been duped by intellectual think-tanks/lobby groups of the New World Order into adapting a set of beliefs that are corrosive to our society, but super beneficial to the aims of the Hostile Jewish Elite, and their New World Order.

      Here’s another short video exposes what some of the (Hostile) Jewish Elites have said over the years…

      The brainwashing (ideological subversion) has been ongoing for more than 300 years, but it was ramped up, very dramatically, during world War 2. At this point it is very difficult to get through to the common man, irregardless of his philosophies of life, such as they are. The common man is far to enthralled in the distractions of modern life to ever spend the time necessary to investigate into the underpinnings of that life. In other words: he doesn’t want to know why there has to be crime, injustice, and misery in this modern existence…he just wants to experience as much pleasure as he can with as little pain as possible! So, he takes whatever information is shoved before him and goes on with his life. He doesn’t know that a Civil War is brewing, or why it will happen, or for what purpose…he only knows that there’s a 50/50 chance that he might get laid this weekend!

      Goodbye, Bill.

      PS…don’t feel obligated to respond to this posting.

    • @ doubting uncle: The human race will survive as long as it is are profitable to the International Bankster cartel (the Rothschild Crime Family). Once technology has advanced to a level where it can produce robots/androids capable of doing what human beings can do (labor wise), most of the human race will be annihilated, save for a few million genetically/cybernetically enhanced Jews…and their Goy slaves. The number one thing that we must all understand is…

      HUMAN MISERY/PROBLEMS = PROFITS FOR THE BANKSTERS! There is no profit in lasting human health, happiness, and prosperity…at least, not for the banksters. So, as long as the banksters are in power we will never know lasting peace or prosperity…it’s as simple as that.

      Topics to Google: Transhumanism, the Technological Convergence, NBIC (Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology, Cognitive Science).

      There is an alternative, however…we could join together – UNITE AS A HUMAN RACE – and fight the Banksters! There are lots of things we could do to stop the Hostile Jewish Elite dead in their tracks: we could stage general strikes; the “best and brightest” of us could stage hunger strikes (VERY powerful); we could stage what I call societal non-compliance strikes were we would completely reject modern society and temporarily embrace a vastly reduced standard of living for the purposes of hurting the profits of the moneyed interests…in other words: live off the grid for a few months; we could encourage whistleblowers to bring what they know into the public consciousness by offering them safe refuge and temporary financial support; we could encourage our politicians, military personnel, and other government officials, to step up and fight for us…many of these people are being blackmailed/threatened, and otherwise coerced into working for the Hostile Elites, so we would need to offer them amnesty and our loving support in exchange for their full cooperation. Others are being bribed by the Bankster Elite…they must be tried, convicted, and executed at the earliest possible date.

      All of these things are possible, but in all likelihood we will be savaged by a socially-engineered Civil War and a catastrophic economic collapse before we can work our differences out and unite to win our world back.

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    • So lets all just F#*k ing kill each other and whichever race wins gets the planet? uncle says.

      you are welcome to come to my blog ANYTIME, funny 😀

    • themadjewess , thanks for the invite, should I bring anything ? Uncle,
      Nah, just your wits to challenge!
      I try to look at ALL sides, not just bi-racial, or just the black side, or just the white side. I like people of all races, creed, color, religion, as long as they think right. As in righteous.

  119. Great Post! being the product of a bi-racial relationship I can relate to this on a deeper level. Racism should not be boxed up and stored away. Unfortunately for us the racism has spread from the white community into the black community. This is even scarier since segregation which was once forced, may soon be chosen and where does that leave us, the growing bi-racial community, once that happens? This is why we have to become a strong community of our own and try to promote tolerance and understanding. Bi-racial individuals are everywhere. We are the future. The lines are quickly blurring from black and white to grey. Racism will not go away. Some may forget it but others will continue to spread it behind closed doors. Unfortunately with home schooling also becoming more prevelant, hopefully the children won’t be taught cultural hatred instead of cultural diversity.

    • Unfortunately for us the racism has spread from the white community into the black community.

      NO, racism does not come from white people OR black people, it just is. Why are you saying this is ‘evil’ whiteys fault that blacks are racist too?

      • I am not placing blame anywhere. Racism is racism, but if I am not mistaken, it wasn’t white people chained in the bottom of boats and shipped to the new world to be sold like cattle and treated like property. Now this happened a very long time ago and things are not like that now but if ever one was to hold a grudge, I think that would be the grudge to be held. Racism and hate is a disease and it can spread if not challenged. I am just happy that most people today are intelligent enough not to hate another race, but as I see there are some people who aren’t.

    • I love your comment Jmoore on this, I do think there are a lot of people who are supposedly intellectuals but who are still ignorant on the subject of race and racism. I think that closed door racism is very dangerous and is a tool to spread more racism to the next generation to come. I was told by another friend that things are not improving, that things are actually getting worse than 60 years ago we are just blind into believing that things are improving and much better than the sixties and 70s. Racism probably will not die, but I pray that things does improve with different racial groups as we mix in this nation.

  120. themadjewees, if you want me to bring my “wits” to challenge I’m sure compared to yours ( not kissing butt) I’ll be packing lite.

    • Please define bias to racism…just asking. uncle.

      I dont see the bias. Any ‘person’ can just not like someone b/c of color, creed, etc. It is not some disease. It is a thought process. It is also a brought on brainwashing. For ie. In schools, in many parts of the country, people that are minorities; Blacks, Jews, Mexicans, Asians-etc. Are taught that they are under a false ‘oppression’. America does NOT ‘oppress’ people. So that is lie #1. Lie #2. “Minorities cannot be racist” HUGE lie.
      There is just no bias. All people are HUMAN and capable of biggotry and racism. However, racism is not murder, yet the MSM- mainstream would have people believe this.
      ALL people are just racist. ALL are just biggots. It is not a disease, it is just human nature. It is how we TAME it that matters.
      I have racist people that come to my blog all the time. I cannot change them. If they want to be ‘racist’ thats their right, there are no laws against it. I know as a Jew that there are NO anti-semitic laws, WHY? Because Jews have not been murdered in huge #’s here in America.
      I have long ago just given up fighting people if they dont like Jews, whites, blacks, etc.

      BTW: I do NOT like illegals. Sorry, not changing. Law-breakers come in all colors, fyi.

  121. Being Sam’s uncle on the “white” side I have seen first hand the racism from blood relatives that have shun Sam from inviting him to their home and weddings etc.. Sam does acknowledge that he’s been ostracized from both blacks and whites. I personally think there is plenty of racism to go around.

  122. The tea parties are not racist. If you’re worried about racism look at the new black panthers. I’ve never been to a tea party, but I agree with their politics. I am white and my husband is black. He is also conservative. Race has never been a problem in our relationship. In fact I was surprised when we began our relationship that race never came up among family or friends. Maybe it helps that we’re in Los Angeles, but in our experience it’s a non-issue.

  123. I personally do not think that the tea party is a racist organization, I do believe unfortunately you do get a few nut jobs that make there way into their rallies.

  124. This is a very deep subject! I have had people think that I was Mexican or Dominican! I am Multiracial or African American, Blackfoot, Choctaw, Caucasian and others. Blacks have thought I was an automatic Mexican and other Mexicans think I am Mexican, Whites think I am half Black/White but only see two black parents they become surprised! I was even mistaken for a half Black/Asian woman. The only type of racism I have experienced is the quiet closed door racism. I get the looks and the “I have a disease” racism, and people wanting to challenge my intelligence to see if I know anything at all. I have never been called the N-word. I have had someone call me an Indian which is not the correct term for a Native American, but that was not considered racist. But you have a point about if things would be better if we didn’t have racist people.

  125. It’s true that racism is still out there but the only thing you can do to be happy is follow your heart. If you love someone who is from a different culture than you, then I say give it a chance and see where it takes you.

    Our blog, Racy JC focuses on dating within different races and cultures (Asian, Black, Indian, Jewish, Latino, among others) and approaches these issues in a new, honest, real, and non-PC way. Please check it out!
    social media: jcdaviesauthor

    And never forget intercultural dating is great and you can do it! Racy JC

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