Help! Caffeine Is Out To Get Me!

This is exactly what coffee WOULD do to me!

I had my first lover at 5-years-old. When we first met, she was dressed in orange. With my little, inexperienced fingers, I held her close, steam rising from her caramel completion, soaking my face, and her scent…it teased me with promises of great taste to come.

I couldn’t resist any longer. I pressed the orange mug against my bottom lip, and slowly tilted it up, and sipped. The moment the coffee tickled my taste buds, not even Cupid’s arrow could of made me fall any greater in love with the caffeinated liquid.

I was had, but it wasn’t just coffee I had fallen in love with. It was caffeine. That false energy. That pick-me-up. That wonderful hyper-ness that had me bouncing off of any wall I could find. I loved it. And I knew it loved me.

Our relationship lasted for years.

I used caffeine in many forms, but my favorite was coffee. Drinking it became as routine as breathing. Breathing is the most exciting thing one can do, even though it’s done without a second thought. You take a breath inside, and it gives you life. My daily cups of java poured life into me every single morning.

I would catch the 7 am bus to my university, and while everyone else around me moaned and complained about another day of classes or the crowded bus, I would sit back in my uncomfortable seat, my left hand warmed by a 12 oz WAWA cup of coffee, and my lips wrapped around the straw. Headphones clutched my ears, while caffeine and my favorite tunes harmonized as the first light of day broke through. Now, that’s how one survives the early morning.

Coffee and I during happier times.

Caffeine saw me through the tough times. It even helped me battle my life long war with utter shyness. Used to be a time when I couldn’t talk to one stranger, much less a room full. But, one day, I attended an event at a Starbucks, where writers were welcomed to read some of their work. Terrifying, right? Not after two large cups of coffee, and an inability to keep a single inch of myself still. Coffee gave me the caffeinated strength to get up in front of a couple dozen strangers, say a cheesy joke to break the ice and do the most intimate act an writer can do with another: I shared my work.

But, not even a year later, our caffeinated love story came to an end.

I started to develop dizzy spells, and constantly found myself breathless. Even scarier, every once in a while, my heart would pound as if it wanted out of my chest.

“What’s wrong with me?” I finally asked my doctor one day, expecting the worse. I’m a hypochondriac, so my imagination had basically given me a death sentence as I waited for the diagnosis.

“Your body’s having a reaction to bad anxiety,” he explained, and I let loose a sigh of relief. That doesn’t sound so bad. “Your heart is naturally beating fast, now. So, I recommend you don’t have caffeine anymore.”

The Sun instantly sank. Storm clouds rolled in and unleashed Armageddon. It was the end of the world. Of course the doctor didn’t notice any of it. It was only the end of my world.

Caffeine had betrayed me. I gave it my heart, and it wanted to give me a heart attack.

I had decided right away that I’d have to break up with caffeine. Like I said, I’m a hypochondriac, and nothing removes Cupid’s arrow from one’s back faster than dread.

And that’s when I found myself on the run.

The very next morning, I caught the bus as usual, but nothing seemed right. My left hand felt oddly cold. I had my headphones on, but where was the harmonization between music and caffeine that gave me the motivational boost to make it through my day?

I tried to block it all out. I had dumped caffeine, and had to live with my decision. But right as I was starting to compose myself, I glanced out the window, and the universe slapped me in the face. Hanging high above the door to the building directly across from the bus was a huge banner that read, Grand Opening! Dunkin Donuts!

This isn’t happening! I told myself. Maybe I was just hallucinating from caffeine withdrawal. But then my eyes found themselves back down to the pavement, where a giant, man-sized cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee was waving his arms and dancing around.

Not my Dunkin Donuts, but the same idea! From:

I realized the worst was happening. Like a scorned lover, caffeine wasn’t willing to let me go without a fight. It would endlessly flaunt itself, tempting me to spend just one more morning together. Caffeine wanted to make me pay for dumping it.

I frighteningly realized that our world is completely saturated with caffeine.

Nothing demonstrated this more than the time my friend and I were walking through campus one afternoon. A salesgirl had pulled us aside, and asked, “Hey! Would you guys like to try some of our caffeinated water?”

Caffeinated water?! Back when I could consume the stuff, I would have considered caffeinated water the best thing to come along since the cola/coffee hybrid, Pepsi Kona.

How could I possibly survive in a world where my deadly ex stalked me everywhere? I couldn’t even trust water!

Like getting over any bad breakup, I had to rely on routine. I went through my withdrawal, while every trace of caffeine left my system. I had to block out those constant five hour energy commercials, and find a natural way to get a boost. I started to exercise. Like clockwork, I rode my bike everyday. I ate fruit. I got a little extra sleep. I, without Redbull’s wings, pulled multiple overnighters at school to finish projects, and survived!

In a caffeinated world, I am as unplugged as my coffeemaker. I’m free. But, I still wouldn’t completely trust myself in an empty room with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. She is my ex after all.

The early years.


214 thoughts on “Help! Caffeine Is Out To Get Me!

    • Do you still have your energy drinks? Every time you had one, you could see the difference in your eyes. I think it’s all too strong for you!

  1. Decaff is not the same. I applaud you for your breakup.
    Didn’t you get the shakes and headaches though? When I go over 24hours without coffee I get the most dreadful headaches, my doctor even advised me to ‘wean myself’ off coffee. 😦

    • My body definitely went through a withdrawal. I remember the shakes..and the headaches…oh the fun. Decaf is definitely not the same! You don’t get any caffeine first of all, obviously, but there’s something about the taste. It’s just…off. I usually have to get hazelnut decaf…and pour in some sort of flavored cream to get it tasting good enough. Oh know! You have to wean off coffee? I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you get through it! Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Thanks a lot. Once I knew my health was at wasn’t that much of an effort. Fear is one of the greatest motivators I guess. (Of course I say this as my right eye is on the computer screen, and my left eye has a coffeemaker in its sight.)

    • Working out no doubt does better for your body and mind than caffeine ever could. I recently read a study about how caffeine’s effect on a person is actually an doesn’t give you an added boost..only brings you up to your own energy levels. I remember incorporating caffeine into my work outs back in the day. I would have a big cup of coffee for breakfast, then hop on my bike to go for a long ride. I don’t know how my heart survived that while it was still normal. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  3. Congratulations, Sam!

    There are tons of great alternatives to coffee. Red rooibos tea tastes great and it’s completely caffeine free. At least it’s a good way to warm your hand up! And you can still go to Starbucks because they usually carry it… 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Ohhh…Red rooibos tea? I must give it a try! Some times I feel like giving tea a try, but then get too paranoid over whether or not a particular one has caffeine or not. When I was an avid coffee drinker, I was one of those people who hated the thought of drinking tea. “I’d take coffee over tea any day!” Obviously I have changed. Thanks for the tip, and for reading!

  4. I call it my “sacrament”. I drink too much coffee and there are often diminishing returns after only a few cups (I get sleepy). I started drinking it in college in dank, rainy, Portland, Oregon and I was hooked quickly. I applaud you for giving it up. I did give up Diet Coke some time ago and never was interested in Red Bull or Five Hour Energy but coffee? I just can’t go there yet.


    • I loved soda..the more caffeine it had inside, the more I drank it. Now, when it comes to soda, I mostly drink Ginger Ale. Good stuff, and my eyes aren’t as bugg-eyed any more. I had Red Bull a few times, and accidentally almost drank Red Bull after I wasn’t allowed to have caffeine anymore. Coffee is hands down the best caffeinated thing out there. I drank it so much that, after awhile, my body got used to the caffeine, and I’d actually barely fill the effects. I was able to drink coffee late at night, and still sleep peacefully. I hope you don’t have to give up coffee! Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Thanks for taking the time to read it! Yes..I had to give up the affair..but who knows…maybe after a few years of couple counseling, we could get back together…

  5. Another great post. This one had me laughing.
    The up side is that not having an addiction is a good thing. You might still desire a coffee, but you don’t “need” it anymore. And that is good.

    • I still desire coffee in a BIG way. I work at the restaurant…the same place I used to frequent every day after school to get a slice of cheese cake and a cup of coffee. I get the joy of having to empty out the coffee out of our maker every night..and asking my co-workers if they would like a cup. I can’t get away from it! Thanks for taking the time to read!

    • Thanks for reading and commenting! Decafe is soooo not the same! Thank you for saying that. Too many people say, “Just drink decaf.” And I have…..but the taste…the absence of that caffeinated boost…it isn’t the same at all. Although, I did find out the hard way that if you make your decaf coffee too strong, you still get a shot of caffeine. That didn’t go well.

    • Thanks for reading! I hope for one day to not have to be strong anymore…hopefully I’ll be allowed to have caffeine in a few years..doubt it..but…you never know..

  6. great post, i think i’m gonna like going through some of your old ones. having gone through my own “break-up” with caffeine, I wound up in Macedonia, where the culture is even more based on coffee than it is in the states. I go to work, I get a turkish coffee. I go to someone’s house, I get a turkish coffee, I hang out with my family, more coffee, so that I’ve worked my way back up to the 5 or 6 or 7 daily cups. ah well.

    and being from philly, it’s really nice to see a wawa mention. just 18 months from now i’ll be clutching my own cup of wawa coffee…

  7. I had to quit for my track season and I admire anyone else who can do it.
    One thing though, you mentioned that your love affair with caffeine began when you were five, and then there were no real specific references to time until this:
    But, not even a year later, our caffeinated love story came to an end.
    So for a second I was thinking, he’s six? I got it, but it was slightly unclear.
    Awesome blog.

  8. I love it – your love is so genuine and heartfelt. I am sorry you’ve broken up – I hope you can go on and be happy without each other.

  9. I loved this blog! There is rarely a moment in our crazy princess palace of 5 women that a pot of coffee is not brewing. I cannot imagine having to stop drinking it, the withdraw would probably kill me!


  10. Oh wow… This is GREAT!!!! Hahahahahhaha, I love the mirror of an ex to caffeine…. Ohmy… So true… Everything you wrote here, I couldn’t stop laughing while reading it…
    I’ve learned how to live a life of a casual affair with caffeine. She is a pleasing mistress, but not one to be spending too much time with, that’s for sure…
    I noticed for a while when I was having a minimum of 3 cups a day {double espresso per cup} of Starbucks, that I started to have issues with my heartbeat. I was also on edge quite a bit… Somehow I managed to cut myself off completely, cold turkey, for a couple of months. I have no idea how I managed that one… But now, I’m able to be content with one coffee-beverage per day, if that. I do have to admit that I’m more awake when I have one, but with some exercise and healthy eating I can be pretty energetic without caffeine now! 🙂

    Best of luck in learning moderation for coffee! 🙂 It is a sad thing to have to give it up..

  11. Good stuff! (I’m sorry to say i read it while i was drinking my second cup of coffee . . .) I can so relate – i’ve tried to cut back to drinking coffee just a couple mornings a week. On coffee-less days, the morning goes fine but it’s the afternoon when i start to feel the life sucking out of me (just as my two small children start cranking up their sibling rivalry!). And it is definitely everywhere in our culture. I like the rooibos tea suggestion, but for me, going into a coffeeshop, smelling and seeing coffee, and then spending my money on something else is really difficult.
    You’re a great writer! Congrats on being on the front page 🙂

  12. Coffee is like my best and trusted friend.. no matter how hard I stay away form it, it keeps coming back to me. As long as there’s coffee within reach, I dont think I can stay away from it 🙂

  13. I greatly admire you, I don’t think that I’ll ever be able to stop drinking it. I drink less than before, but quiting all together would bring hell to our household!

    Great article btw, I loved reading it. I mean it!

  14. Hey, I’m really curious— how much coffee did you drink (in your “heyday”)— the frequency etc.? Did you have to drink more coffee to sustain its effects as you go along?

    I’m a moderate coffee drinker— at most 2 cups a day and I try not to drink if the day ahead doesn’t require me to be awake. I’m just afraid that its effects will die on me someday.

  15. I used to drink ten cups of tea a day, and when I tried to go cold turkey I got the caffeine equivalent of DTs.
    The road to recovery is long and hard, friend. I wish you the best of luck.
    (Also, you are a superb writer.)

    • Good job on going cold turkey. Most people can’t stop anything cold turkey. So, I give you much respect! And thanks! I appreciate you even reading this.

  16. I love this! Brilliantly written, and I feel the same way. After 25 years of no caffeine I sent myself reeling into a horrible kidney infection (Okay TMI), but its true one week of drinking it a few weeks ago and I landed in a hospital. So no more, she is dead to me, or he in my case-

    I would love to use this piece on our drinking site! Let me know


    • Oh, wow. It’s the giving in to caffeine and ending up in the hospital part that scares me. About a month ago, I took a couple of non-drowsy pills to try and subdue my allergies, and didn’t realize that the pills were non-drowsy because they had caffeine in them………… My heart suddenly went insane for a day, and I had no idea why for a while. It was definitely scary. That sucks so much you got a kidney infection! Kidney stones..and all of that…was always in the back of my mind when I drank lots of coffee. I consider them one of the scariest things around….but not even the fear of them stopped me from drinking coffee until my heart when crazy. Sorry to hear you had to go through that infection..and don’t worry..writer’s never have to worry about reveling too much’s what we do. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  17. I absolutely understand what you are saying about caffeine and breathing. But coffee is amazing, do you really have to remove coffee from your life?

    • Yup. I really have to. My body has the worst reaction from it…heart goes insane. It’s sad, but true. Very, very sad. Hopefully one day I can again…but…that’s one day….. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Thanks! Well…it’s incredible hard to give up. It took me gettng the crap scared outta me to give it up. If you’re still trying to give it up, then stay strong! You can so do it.

    • Thanks! It’s incredibly hard to give up! It took me getting the crap scared outta me to give it up! So, if you’re still trying to give it up, stay strong! You can so do it.

  18. PEPSI KONA!!!! How I miss it. That was the best summer of my childhood. (I too am a Philly native, living abroad. Come to mention it, I miss Wawa, too. And a good cheesesteak hoagie. And Rita’s. etc.)

    I am also a caffeine addict, however its tea that gives me the juice. Wawa Raspberry Iced tea, Green tea, or some nice hot Liptons.

    Seeing I have unwillingly given up Wawa, I am keeping my Liptons.

    • I’m so happy someone remembered Pepsi Kona…and knows what WAWA is! Oh god…I remember getting the worse withdrawals from Pepsi Kona..worse than when I had to give up caffeine for good. But, hey, it was worth it, right? That breaks my heart that you are no longer near a WAWA…but lipton works! Thanks for reading..and stay strong!

  19. Yo Sam, I;ve been in love with coffee all my life , can’t live without her. My first thought when I wake up is where/when am I going to have my first cup . She’s in my thoughts all day… is that so wrong?

  20. HA! I had a similiar experience last summer.-at the same time I was told to give up alcohol (what I’m half Irish), white rice (the other half Chinese) and going through the type of life changes that send people straight to rehab. Oh well, things sort of calmed down a few weeks ago after several years and …I slowly brought back coffee but only a small and usually don’t even finish that. Decaf …like brown rice what’s the point? I’d just rather not have it. Good luck to you my friend! That dancer is jittery from too much caffeine 🙂

    • Oh, no. I would hate it if I had to give up white rice (although I basically like all rices)! I totally give you props for doing that. Good luck with dealing with coffee and not having to go to decaf!’re most likely right about that dancer.

    • Caffeine is known to boost it actually can be good for us. I hope you never have to give up the stuff. Thanks for reading!

    • Thanks! Just recently there was a study released about how prevent throat cancer or something. So, apparently it is good for us…and every day you seem to hear about a new benefit…it’s just too bad it also tries to kill me.

  21. Hey, great post! It’s good to know I’m not alone in this crazy caffeine addicted world. I drink far too much, In coffee and Red Bull and it’s starting to be a problem. Decaf is totally not the same as regular coffee! Any tips for surviving the harsh break up with caffeine?

    • If you have to break up with caffeine..and are forced to drink decaf…sugar, my friend..sugar. When I started drinking decaf…I could not stand the taste. People thought I was crazy, but it’s true! Decaf is just not the same! So I would add lots of sugar to at least get a sugar high…and sweeten up the taste…and I would add some flavored cream (french vanilla usually). Hope that helps! And thanks for reading!

    • haha…maybe we should start one. Like Sam Malone on ex-alcoholic who owns a bar..I think I might be able to handle owning a cafe…you know..for like 2 days before I give in and end up in a hospital. That’s awesome about the free coffee..and I couldn’t be more jealous. Thanks for reading!

  22. i have an on-again off-again affair with your former mistress, and i bow to you to be able to walk away from her charms. you are a stronger person than i. i almost do it – i almost walk away for good – but then she’s there again, like that big dunkin donut cup, enticing me, calling me, wanting me…just one sip, one sip. and i do, i take it, just one sip, and as i am swallowing i realise that it is too late…she has me in her web again. hehe thanks for such a wonderful post. i also enjoyed your one about lost and was glad to see you featured again.

    • haha..thanks for keeping up the theme of the post with your comment! Hey..if you don’t HAVE to give it up..then don’t! It’s probably the one mistress that everyone can agree is okay to have on the side. Thanks so much for reading..and commenting!

  23. Love your writing style! Congratulations showing up on the freshly pressed page! And you did it decaffeinatedly, too! Let that be an example to Wawa lovers everywhere! (note to self: google “wawa”)


    • I promise you, if you have WAWA anywhere near you (which I’m guessing that you sadly don’t) you won’t be dissapointed! They have the best coffee…mac and cheese..and well, everything else. It’s WAWA! And thank you for reading!

  24. hahaha! What a great battling tale of a that sweet sweet love. I too, am addicted to caffeine. I needed the hard stuff, the BUCKS, triple shots, quad shots. I would take 4-5 5Hour energy shots per day (my god, how I didn’t die is beyond me). In all fairness, I was finishing up a degree and working 50+ hours a week at my full time job AND had a second job on top of that. I literally slept 3-4 hours a night for 2 years. That year I also wound up in the ER 4 times from passing out in public… no bueno. The doctor said enough is enough.. but it didn’t matter. I needed to take are of business!

    Once I graduated, found a less demanding job, I cut down my caffeine significantly. My 4 cups of coffee per day from BUCKS were cut down to 1 home brewed cup. No more 5 hour energy, no more red bull. Just good ole fashion exercise and REAL sleep.

    I got a look at my bank account and tallied up how much I spent on coffee alone… the month it hit over $200 I knew it had to stop. That wasn’t even including the $3 cans of redbull or $6 pack of energy shots!

    I fear we live in a culture of faster, harder, stronger and RIGHT NOW…with little break in between. But I still look forward to the coffee and tea aisle, I’m usually the one rolling around on the floor with pounds of beans scattered about and soft weeping about my ex as well… who I occasionally cheat with 😉

    • Wow…I have the feeling that you just wrote that comment from somewhere beyond the grave, because it blows my mind that someone could survive that caffeine intake! Crazy. I feel ya though…going to school..and working a lot…it takes a hell of a lot out of a person. And you’re right about the money! I’m very lucky that I was a dunkin donuts and WAWA person when I was downing coffee. There’s no way I could have afforded to do the Bucks thing every single day. Although, when I was drinking decaf a lot, I started to going to starbucks a lot because it was right on my campus. I quickly realized how much money I was spending and had to stop… We truly are living in a culture of right now…we are constantly on the go, and that is extremely unhealthy. It’s why too many of us are way too stressed out and flat out hostile to others. I say…keep up cheating!

  25. hahaha brilliant! You are a very strong man to dismiss this clever seductress.
    funny enough, I just wrote a blog about coffee and it’s sexiness a little while ago. I love EVERYTHING about it, and drink it completely black. I used to be a pot-a-day gal (at university of course…. made me dance better lol, brought out my weird quirkiness,etc). I find it’s so great to induce meaningful conversation, friendships, relationships…. the smell, taste, the way the crema floats on top of espresso and how good it is when you lick it off the spoon…!!! anyways! decaf still gives you some of this comfort, or decaf tea (black and green taste the best still). Stay strong! 😉

    • haha..your comment makes me want to throw all caution to wind and go drink a pot of coffee right now. I started drinking coffee black too…because adding sugar and milk took too long..I wanted to drink it right away! Coffee is great for meeting new people..and starting’re right about that. Even just a post about coffee is great for talking to new people, apparently. Thanks for reading!

  26. Starting in the 5th grade, I use to pound half a six pack of Mt. Dew on the hour long bus ride to school every morning. My mom was my dealer…I blame her. Been hooked ever since.

    • haha..nice. Moutain dew used to be one of my favorites as well. Now, I run for cover whenever I see a can or bottle of that stuff. Thanks for reading! Love the whole 6 six pack thing.

  27. Hang on… you drank coffee at 5 years old?!?!? Dang, you started early…lol! I do struggle with my own caffeine addiction from time to time- I kick it- go cold turkey de-caff- slip back to caffeine and so it goes. Now I find I seem to have come full circle… The more coffee I drink the more tired it makes me… can that even be possible? is there an amount of caffeine where your body just gives up and reverses the caffeine effect?? Or is someone spiking my caffeine beverage with decaff?

    • I was once told that a little bit of caffeine has a reverse effect on children with A.D.H.D. I’ve experienced relaxation or tiredness from caffeine before, but I have anxiety, not A.D.H.D., and am not a child. Also, it doesn’t happen all of the time. Perhaps, it can affect adults as well. I don’t know your psychological background, but maybe this can help you look up some research.

      • Hey..thanks for the tip. That’s very interesting. I always do enjoy reading research…so I’ll look that up. There’s always some new study that comes out about the effects of caffeine on people. The latest one I read was about how that “extra boost” that caffeine appears to give is really an illusion. You don’t actually get extra energy..caffeine simply brings you back to your own energy level. Interesting stuff. Thanks for reading!

  28. I’m not great with stimulants like sugar and caffeine, and quit them entirely in the spring since they seem to make my hayfever much worse. I don’t miss sweet stuff at all, but fight a daily battle to keep coffee to one cup or less, even though more than that leaves me a heart-pounding anxious crankypants. It makes no logical sense.

    • That’s good that you keep to one per week. It kinda shows that you can handle the fallout on your body from drinking it. Me..I can’t. When my heart goes crazy, it’s like I KNOW it’s only a panic attack, but I still freak out, which in turn makes things worst. Good luck to you with keeping off the sweet stuff, and dealing with coffee. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • I totally wrote about this a few weeks back for my science writing gig. It is very interesting. Basically, caffeine’s energy boost is no more than an illusion. It only brings up back up to our normal energy levels. Thanks for the posting the link. And thanks for reading!

  29. I recently gave up caffeine too. I was forced to do it because my mother dragged me with her to a health spa for 5 days and it was among thing they forbid. Even though I had to simultaneously give up TV, internet, my iphone, meat and diary products in addition to having to give caffeine, the only thing that I missed was the caffeine. Around the 2nd day I got VERY crabby, which is unusual for me. I retreated to my room and sat in my bed with my arms crossed and eyes narrowed for several hours that evening just thinking of Starbucks.

    Even now, over a month later and still off of the caffeine, I still crave it. It is so bizzarre to me how strongly it had a hold of me. I gave up meat, diary and junk food no problem. I haven’t missed the hamburgers or the cupcakes, but I miss the caffeine. Anyhow, sorry for commenting with a book on your entry here, it’s just that I can’t seem to get over the stuff!

    • Okay, I totally have to give you props for giving up MEAT, DAIRY, TV, INTERNET, CAFFEINE AND YOUR IPHONE! Wow. You have just upstaged me in every way. I can see that caffeine was the hardest, though. Caffeine builds up in your system…and it just over takes you. Even, to this day, when I wake up in the morning, and I’m uberly tired still, I will sooo feel crabby..and I think to myself, “If only I could have something that would bring back my energy!” It’s sad. But, like I mentioned in the post, if I roll out of bed, and immediately go biking (or any form of work out), I feel a thousand times better. Crabbiness gone. Thanks for reading, btw! And again, I have much respect for you!

  30. I know exactly what you mean about the coffee and music ‘harmonizing’ on the bus- I had the same thing when I went into college early; the coffee and music made it more than bearable.

    • Oh, God…that first year, I went to university that was far from my home, and I couldn’t live there because they had no dorms! I had to catch 3 buses every day there, and then 3 buses back of course. But those early mornings…dealing with the buses…dealing with little high school kids who would fill up the buses….the coffee and music were needed to simply drown all of that out! I think I still have nightmares about those days…. But, yes, caffeine and music…magical. Thanks for reading!

    • Yea…I do find it poetic…a writer whose heart beats too fast. And you’re right…totally better than the alternative. Thanks for reading!

  31. Hey Songbird, caffeine only loses it’s “stay awake”-function over time.

    @Sam: like most other commenters, I know your fate and I can only say: Stay on the road, lay back from time to time to refresh your efforts. And most importantly: Be different then the others!

  32. I have a problem processing caffeine; I get similar symptoms. For several years, I was completely caffeine-free, and knew the secret places it hid (including Sunkist Orange soda and Barq’s root beer, and using her pseudonym Guarana).

    Except for chocolate. Doctors aren’t sure exactly why, and aren’t even in agreement that it’s true, but for some reason it appears some portion of the caffeine-sensitive can do chocolate without a problem.

    Now I do find myself able to handle the occasional caffeine-laced beverage, as often as once or twice a week if circumstances dictate. And all the chocolate I want. 🙂

    • I actually can’t have too much dark chocolate. I’ve learned the hard way, that when I have too much dark chocolate, I get that shot of caffeine, and my body starts to freak out. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to get up to drinking coffee here and there instead of never….thanks for reading and the comment!

  33. That is so sad, fight the good fight man. You may want to consider treating yourself with decaf specialty coffee drinks when the urge is strong, at least you will get a little sugar and maybe muscle memory will kick in at the taste…

    • Yes..that’s what I do some times. That’s what I was doing a lot when I was still at school. All about flavored decaf coffee…just too not much of it because then I’ll get a shot of caffeine with it…and crashing from too much sugar sucks. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  34. There’s is no love like that first love.
    It just stays in your soul.
    Hopefully she won’t catch you unawares one day,
    and tempt you with memories of heat and oh God the touch that first kiss
    Oh wait it’s coffee right…never touch the stuff myself.
    Great post you rock!

    • It’s 7:30 am right now, and if I were allowed to have caffeine in me right now, I could totally write a poem back! Good stuff. Thanks for reading!

  35. Very creative and humorous writing! Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, etc is out to make you addicted and fat, so you really don’t need it. It’s an addiction and once you can completely detox, you wont want it. In theory, of course. 🙂

  36. I totally agree with caffeine being addictive. I was drinking 2 2-Liters of pop a day just to be able to function. I have since cut back to a couple of 20 ounces a week but not without withdrawls.

    • wow. Cutting back just 1 oz probably would’ve given you withdrawal, because of that amount you were drinking… You are a brave one. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  37. Great post! Last year my doctor said I had a rapid heartbeat and suggested the same as yours – give up caffeine. At first I was in shock – give up coffee? But the heartbeat thing was a good motivator. I do drink de-caf, with a sprinkling of cinnamon on the grounds in the morning. It’s not the same, but I call it my “pseudo-coffee.” Then I drink a variety of decaffeinated herbal teas throughout the day…hazelnut cream, vanilla cream, peppermint, Constant Comment and Earl Gray. The variety helps me forget my old friend Coffee. It’s not the same exactly, but it’s a solution I can live with.

    • Decaf is interesting….I think of it as a pseudo-coffee, too. I’ll put my sugar in it, and sometimes I’ll feel like I just had caffeinated coffee, because of the taste and what not. But I can really only have flavored decaf hazelnut with some french vanilla cream in it..etc…because for some reason, decaf just doesn’t taste the same on its own. The teas you mention sound great. I’ll have to try. Thanks for reading!

  38. I’ve seriously thought about developing a caffeine anonymous group. I go back and forth with my cola addiction and I think it is more addicting than other substances I’ve tried, for me at least. Not trying to minimize people’s struggles! Anyway, I think you write very well and I’m going to keep reading!

    • Soda can be insanely addicting. Have you ever tried pepsi kona? It sounds like you’re lucky that that stuff isn’t still around. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  39. Loved your writing! My story is a pot o’ coffee a day. To be truthful, it is a pot of coffee between 5:25 and 5:55 during my morning drive. Whatever sips are left over are promptly drank at 9:00. A second pot is even brewed at night on occasion. I envy your ability to stop!

  40. Very entertaining and sad. I love too much to give it up. It’s funny I was drinking a cup as I read the post title. Try tea, that can give your system a kick without the huge caffeine amounts.

    • I may try tea. Everyone keeps telling me to try I think I must, and then do a blog post to prove it. I hope you enjoyed that cup of coffee. Thanks for reading!

  41. The same thing happened to me…the whole heart thing, as well as caffeine was beginning to actually give me headaches. I haven’t had a cup in a year, but you’re right, you have to get energy another way. Congratulations on surviving the beginnings and joining the few…the caffeine-free haha.

    • hey..congrats on giving up caffeine for a year. It’s certainly not east. Being caffeine free is probably why I’ve taken so long to reply to the rest of these comments…its 7:19 am right now on a Saturday, and I’m hurting! Thanks for reading, and good luck with staying caffeine free!

  42. Loved the post. This is the story of my life, except when my doctor told me I had to stop drinking caffeine because not only was I “most likely allergic” (was he out of his mind?!) to it, but it was also giving me terrible sleeplessness, anxiety, shopping addictions, mood swings, rage issues, syphillus, and gingivitis.

    But I pressed on anyway, and now I’m a mess. I drink redbull at my job; I nearly killed a man with my wallet – I just kept pounding it against his head. The doctors think it’s the redbull because I’m actually a really nice person.

    Anyhow, great post. I admire your courage.

    • Wow..and all caffeine did to me was heighten anxiety…pssh…I feel like I should of just pressed , now! Although, I probably wouldn’t want to be sitting in a jail cell right now for attempted murder with a wallet. Thanks for your comment..and for reading!

  43. This made my day!! I was so locked into this post, my friend was talking to me and I was completely ignorant to what she was saying! This was GREAT! I’m definitely subscribing!

  44. ..So you do know what that 2:30 feeling feels like? 😀

    I too had my first meeting with coffee when I was about 5. Much like wine, I was only given a taste to ease my curiosity, with an assumption that I would spit it out and exclaim “Bleh! This stuff is gross!”. That however was not my reaction, and I continued to enjoy a cup o’ joe now and then. Throughout highschool, I rarely got to bed before 3 or 4 am, and would be guzzling coffee froma thermos all day to stay awake at school. Unfortunately, due to the sugary creamers I used, i ended up with a hefty dental bill when I was 18. I am a sucker for redbull now, but cannot say that it has actually produced wings. My coffee maker was loaned to an office not too long ago, and then forgotten there, so I have had quite the extended break-up with Java Joe. I miss him so though, and wish you the best with your parting with him. I would say that a nice cup with a pastry on special occasions will be nice still be so nice. I hope that your anxiety calms, and your heart will find a place for a cup o joe in the future, but another tasty beverage until then. Im a sucker for lychee juice, and varrying teas that have less caffiene, or no caffiene.

    Good lucks, and be well!

    • After reading your comment, I wished I had used “Java Jane” somewhere in my post. I had actually edited this out of the post because it wasn’t fitting..but it was my grandmom who had actually given me the coffee at five. I don’t think she expected me to just spit it out. It was a situation of her being from Ukraine, and quite honestly just not realizing that a five year old probably shouldn’t have coffee. Ah yes..the teeth thing. Being an avid coffee find out real quick just how not good that stuff is for the choppers. Redbull scares the crap out of me. One time, a friend of mine didn’t want her drink anymore, so I said I would finish it. I had the drink in my mouth, and just before I was going to swallow, another friend of mine asked what was in. She said vodka and redbull. I never spit anything out faster than that. I probably would have had to have been (okay this is a really bad sentence so far) rushed to the hospital. Thanks for the good luck! I hope you get your coffee maker back soon!

  45. When i read this post ,i asked my self!!!! whether you are going to join in a tea company or you won a lottery to start a tea company like the one of starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?Just kidding………
    what evr be coffee or tea drinking too much is injurious to health only.
    Nice and intersting post.

    • haha..I definitely wouldn’t have minded winning the lottery and starting a coffee company to bring the one joy I can experience to others. Plus..just winning the lottery part would’ve been great. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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  47. Link between Anxiety and Caffeine:

    Hmm, we have a lot in common. I’ve had issues with panic/ anxiety since I was 18 (and not the cliché overly used ‘panic attack’ that everyone seems to have nowadays, the kind of panic attack where you think your not having a panic attack but simply dying type of panic attack) . Also, throughout my schooling, all the way up to my high school years, I was socially shy to the point of receiving an F on a project simply because I refused to get up and do an oral presentation in any given class. I also had a great deal of speculation that I was always going to contract a deadly ailment. The anxiety/ shyness/ hypochondria lessoned greatly when I started taking paxil though and I haven’t really had a problem with it since age 20.

    Then, I started drinking coffee around the age of 25 to help me stay up and study. At first it was more like a bunch of milk with a bit of coffee in it because I really didn’t like the taste. Over time though the ratio slanted the other way and now for the most part I just take a couple of table spoons of soy milk in my starbucks brew. I have however noticed that I am VERY sensitive to it. I can nurse a small cup for hours and still get a major high off of it. If I drink it too fast I feel like I could pass out.

    I read something recently that said people who are prone to anxiety are more sensitive to caffeine and they should avoid it when possible because it can trigger your system to go into a mild panic. Dizziness, speeding heart, short of breath are all symptoms I experience if I down coffee too fast.

    I maybe have 3 cups of coffee a week, and like I said I nurse each over hours of studying. I can’t imagine having more than a small cup. I think my chest would explode. Maybe our overly caffienated society is PART of the reason why more people are being diagnosed with panic and anxiety as of the last ten years? Perhaps its one of the catalysts which brings what would normally be a submissive trait to the surface?

    PS. I really enjoyed reading your post and I think you’re cute. 🙂

    • Wow, yes. We have a lot in common when it comes to this. Everything from the anxiety to getting an F due to shyness. Caffeine is definitely bad news for people with anxiety. I forgot about the specifics that go into it…I’d have to read over the study again..but yes..people with anxiety should not really touch the stuff. And I do believe, too, that “panic attack” gets thrown around way too loosely. I remember getting panic attacks that basically had me thinking I was about to get a heart attack…I remember going to the hospital two weeks in a row because of it, and being put on oxygen one of those times. Panic attacks are no fun to say the least. That is good, though, that you can still drink at least some coffee per week. I hope to one day be able to get some of this anxiety out of my body so I can at least have a little bit of caffeine here and there. And caffeine is definitely one problem with our society’s short attention span…and obsession with a “Go! Go! GO!” mentality. Redbull..five hour energy…monster…caffeinated water (still blows my mind)! We are obsessed with constantly being on the move. It’ll probably be healthier for people to just relax every once in a while. De-stress. Thanks for taking the time to read this and comment! I appreciate it!

  48. What a great story. This is just as warm a welcome as holding a 120z of java in your hand. Being new to this blogging, I really enjoyed the familiar affair I have with coffee from time to time. As far as coffee being a stalker, at least it smells amazing and you know it’s lurking near. great post.

    • Yes…coffee definitely isn’t a hide behind the bushes type of stalker. It stalks you..right out in plain sight. With that awesome smell of its, there’s no way it could not be sensed. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

  49. Wow. I don’t know if I could completely give up coffee. I know what you mean, though, about the thing you can’t have being everywhere. I once tried that Atkins diet and after about a month or so I swear I could smell sugar everywhere. If I passed a bakery I felt the sugar pass into me as if by osmosis. If coffee is your downfall, sugar is mine. I’m hypoglycemic. Ha. The cruelty never ends.

    • The universe has a cruel sense of humor. If someone were allergic to money..that person would most likely win the lottery (although I would still want to be that person..okay..bad example). You never really realize how much something saturates your life until you have to stay away from it. Sorry to hear about your ordeal with sugar. I do love the stuff…but also had to stop my intake of sugar in a big way. I remember not even being able to eat a slice of bread without pouring sugar all over it. Too much sugar is never really a good thing. I hope the cruelty lessens a little! Thanks for reading!

  50. This is a delightful tale, and one I certainly can empathize with. My own love affair with the giddy potion has been deeply affected this past year. I still have my small cup (black) in the morning – but gone are the days (months, years) of 4, 5, 6 or more cups. I am no doubt better off for that, but I do miss my comforting and energizing companion.

    • I’m sad to hear that something happened to affect your caffeine intake. But am glad to hear that the less intake is having a good effect on you? I loved black coffee. I fell in love with the stuff so much, I finally got to the point where it was like..why do i need sugar? why cream? Coffee is awesome just being coffee. Hope you get by with those less cups! Thanks for reading!

  51. This was… The best thing I’ve read all day. I can’t say I hold your love for coffee or caffeine for that matter, but I think I understand. I usually have a little bit of that love for tea, but I can always tell it now when it gets to be too much. It’s usually just my night time lover when I have to work nights… Or when I have to get up really early. Either way, I know I can quit (Or I think I can at least).

    • Hey..thanks for simply taking the time to read this..I’m really glad you enjoyed it! When I was drinking coffee all the time, I used to be so adverse to tea. “I’m a coffee drinker! Why would I dare drink tea?!” I used to argue. But now, of course, I’ll gladly have a cup…if I know for sure it’s without caffeine of course. If you ever decide to quit..I wish you all the luck. If you don’t..well, I hope you’re never forced to.

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  53. Dude whenever I go through withdraw of a habit, whether it’s computer, soda or tv the thing that I always do is chew gum. It freshens your breath, it does not cost a lot, when you stop you don’t miss it and it does not cause any health problems. Hope this helped.


    • I used to chew gum a lot…but then stopped. My next habit was then lolipops. In fact..I want one right now. Thanks for the tip, and thanks for reading!

  54. Nice post.. Made me laugh, too!!
    Also kinda dreading to me because, I also starting drinking coffee around that age.. the age when you can”t even speak properly! 😉

    Good luck with your caffeine battle!

    • Happy to meet someone else who also met caffeine at such a young age. I find that people are always surprised to hear about a 5-year-old who drinks coffee. I hope you guys get to stay together. Thanks for taking the time to read this and comment!

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  56. Hey, great post . . .have to say I get the whole “caffeine” thing. I’ve tried giving it up a few times, but nope, not happening. Would love to read more of your blogs about “absolutely anything!”I have a blog at wordpress.evelyngarone Congrats!!

    • How come you tried to give up the caffeine? I remember when I was in my prime, I thought people crazy for trying to give up caffeine. Why would anyone possibly do that?! I hope you get to spend a lifetime with the stuff! Thanks for checking out my blog…I look forward to checking out yours as well.

  57. “Caffeine had betrayed me. I gave it my heart, and it wanted to give me a heart attack.”

    That made me laugh out loud, quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve read on WordPress. xD

  58. OH BABY! I am 51 and drink up to 15 cups of coffee a day. I used to run a little coffee house in suburban Portland Oregon.
    I can drink a coffee and go to bed. Seriously.
    Even espresso.
    As a coffee addict and pack a day smoker, these are the vices I have accepted for myself. I wont give them up until, well I give it all up.
    Call me foolish but don’t forget to call me coffee hardcore!

    • I used to be able to make myself a large cup of coffee…sit outside my house, drink it and listen to music..late at night..and then go straight to bed. You drink that much coffee, and your body adapts to the caffeine’s effects. But it feels good anyway. I hope you never have to give up the caffeine..stay addicted! And thanks for reading!

  59. Beware: decaf is NOT caffeine-free! There are still traces of caffeine present.

    Thanks for sharing your story – great writing! I’ve cut way back on caffeine by changing soft drinks, and limiting my in-take. It’s tough to get free. I’m not willing to endure the withdrawals yet. Stay strong!

    • Oh, believe me…I know all about decaf not being caffeine free. I always knew that decaf has traces of caffeine in it..but usually it’s not enough to be felt. I had made the mistake one day of making my decaf way too strong, though…to the point where I actually did get a shot of caffeine, and my heart and body reacted badly. If I have a cup of decaf now..I will usually get nothing bigger than a 12 oz and drink no more than one cup to make sure I don’t accidentally get that shot of caffeine. And good luck to you cutting back on caffeine…those withdrawals are just not fun! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  60. haha…
    got hooked at age 11, studying for my junior school exams. Since then, I’ve been an addict. In college I was the one who never ran out of coffee, the one whose travel mug was absolutely gua-ran-teed to be filled with super hot, super sweet, super-strong coffee.
    I’ve gone cold turkey for weeks on end, but it never felt right. After graduation last year, I swore I would never drink coffee again. Then I started work at a place with Nespresso machines and the most heavenly variety of coffees. *sigh*
    So whenever I need a quick rush, or boost of intelligence (voltage spike in IQ, Wole Soyinka calls it), I brew a mug. What can I say? *sheepish grin*
    p.s. the doctor recommended that my dad drink lots of coffee ’cause he has low blood pressure. Some people have all the luck, uh?

    • Oh god..I might died working at that place. At my job right now, at a restaurant, I’m forced to empty out the coffee maker at night…and ask my co-workers if anyone would like a cup of coffee. I see that excited look in their eyes at the thought of having a cup, and I remember a time when I used to get that same look. I never even bothered to go cold turkey before my problems started. The thought would’ve seemed impossible to me. And your dad just may be the luckiest man alive. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Oh god..I loved coffee too. I remember just being so happy to drink the stuff black…because it’s coffee..and it tastes great! And now you have made me depressed… mentioning coffee ice cream! That used to be my favorite ice cream…but obviously haven’t had it in years now. I yearn for a coffee milkshake….and coffee bubble bath. Thanks for reading!

  61. Very good reading I enjoyed your post….. for me the worst is the headaches i get if I dont have my coffee…. I have stopped for 2-3 days with no coffee but I get headaches when im going through the withdrawal… did you get headaches??

    • Oddly enough, I didn’t get too many headaches after I stopped drinking coffee forever. I DID, however, get a headache when Pepsi Kona was around and I went just 1 day without drinking it one week. Ever give that stuff a try back in the day?
      Thanks for reading!

      • I never tried pepsi kona… doesnt sound too refreshing though… actually i never even heard of it haha,,, im sure it would have the same affect on me. Thunder pounding aching headaches is not fun to have 😦
        Keep up the good work with your blog, great job by the way! Cheers.

    • Why did you give up caffeine for a little while? If you don’t need to make it permanent..then don’t! No one should have to be void of that miracle of a substance…and now I feel myself starting to write another long post about caffeine right here… Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment!

  62. Me and my caffeine, my fridge magnet says; “Coffee! If you’re not shaking, you need another cup.”

    I am definitely an addict. Have managed to give up Red Bull, but it took the swine flu to manage that. Want to give up drinking coke to, think 7 weeks in India soon might do the trick. But I am never giving up my Cappuccinos but it would be nice to only drink them because I want to and not because I need them. Actually was much easier giving up cigarettes than Red Bull, weirdly enough. So well done giving up.

    • haha…I used to be that way. If I felt like coffee wasn’t having the needed effect on me, I’d drink another cup. I needed to have that insane, bug-eyed feeling that caffeine can induce. Wow…maybe Swine Flu is good for something after all? I’m so jealous…I’d love to go to India for 7 weeks. You must blog about it of course. Thanks for reading!

      • Hrm yes never thought of it that way, Swine flu as a positive thing 😉

        Yes I will try to blog about my India trip, going to do charity work there, will write something before and then definitely afterwards. If I can get close to an internet source then I’ll write when I’m there too.

        Keep writing post like this…..oh and how come coffee already at the age of 5???

  63. I adore this post! Kudos to you for your effort to stay away from caffeine!

    …as for me, I think I’ve already passed the point of no return. That is, the caffeine doesn’t work the way I need it to be (i.e. being able to feel sleepy at the most inopportune moment) and yet without my morning dose there’s a high chance of being cranky the entire day…

    It’s like a love-hate relationship. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it…

    • You’ve probably gotten used to it. I got used to caffeine’s effects after a while. I used to be able to drink a cup at night and then go to bed with no problem at all. I definitely get the cranky part. I remember having my cup, and then just being…happy..just simply happy for as long as the caffeine sat in my system. Here’s hoping caffeine treats you better. Thanks for reading!

  64. Hope the time never will come that I have to say goodbye to a nice cup of hot coffee in the morning – just trying to limit myself to some cups a day.

    • A limit should definitely help towards never having to give it up. Here’s to hoping you never have to! Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Wow…did caffeine used to have an effect on you? Have you drank so much caffeine in your life that your body has completely gotten used to it? When I was in my caffeinated prime, I used to be able to drink coffee late at night, and then simply go to bed with no problem. It’s definitely something you get used to. Thanks for reading!

  65. I am seriously addicted to caffeine – I usually take mine in doses of Diet Rockstar, but drink coffee like water. I was recently hospitalized for fainting and have frequent dizziness. However my heart beat was found to be abnormally LOW. I kept telling them to give ma a Rockstar to normalize my heart beat. After cat scans and ultrasounds of the arteries delivering blood to my brain, they found nothing and let me out. I wonder if it is somehow related to the caffeine….

    • Wow. Abnormally low, and you drink coffee like water? I don’t know! But glad to hear that they found nothing. I’ve gone through the whole hospital thing plenty of times…with doctors searching for something and not finding anything. Of course my problem was just panic attacks..which is why I can’t do the coffee thing anymore. Hope you don’t have to give up the coffee! Thanks for reading!

  66. I can’t have caffeine anymore either. I have a bad reaction to it. People need to realize that how their body reacts for years to caffeine may not be that way an instant later and it’s totally different and it can be very, very bad to ingest at that point. I was given some coffee at Burger King, when I requested decaf, and for me my mind wanders and I have to keep my focus together. It can be really bad. So, I don’t trust people anymore to give me decaf coffee so I don’t get it out anymore. I make decaf coffee at home or I don’t drink coffee at all.

    • That is my biggest problem. I get uberly paranoid about whether or not people will actually give me decaf. I will usually go to my wawa and get a hazelnut decaf…but once I buy it, I will take a few sips, and then put it down for a few minutes to make sure I’m not having some really bad reaction to it. Sorry to hear you can’t have the substance of the gods as well. Thanks for reading!

  67. Even thinking about the possibility of a doctor saying “give up the caffeine” reminds me to enjoy every sip that I can, while I can!

    Kudos to you – that takes strength 🙂

    • Oh, if only I had known that my last sip of coffee would have really been my last. Maybe I would have made it a strong shot of espresso. Thanks for reading!

  68. Coffee sucks………I had my first and last experience at the one time, Strawbridge and Clothier department store in Ardmore on my lunchbreak in 1998. OMG….. I developed a relationship with the bathroom that day…..SMH

    • haha…yes…that would..certainly make one not friendly toward coffee. Although, it still would’ve been worth it! Thanks for reading!

  69. I’m not sure what I would do without caffeine. My addiction to caffeine really began to take its toll when I started not only studying all night, every night, but talking to my then-girlfriend now-fiancee every night, late into the wee hours of every night. It has all been worth it, but wow! Headaches that are triggered by caffeine withdrawal really do a great job at kicking my ass. I’m not sure what the heck I’d do if I were forced to give it all up!

    • Hey that sounds like a great reason to get addicted to coffee. And yes…withdrawal is not cool. Shaking..headaches…rehab would be the way to go. Thanks for reading!

  70. Personally, I’m not much of a morning coffee/tea drinker to help jump-start my day… Then again, I guess I AM a caffeine addict cuz’ I drink sodas all day long, since I was just a toddler. LOL Hey now, when you live in a 3rd world Asian country where your choice is to either drink dirty, unprocessed water from the rusty tap, or drink brand-name soda that you hope’s been through some form of processing, I’d say the choice is pretty clear. 😉 You won’t see me abandon it any time soon, that’s for sure!

    • haha…that’s the best reason I’ve ever heard to drink soda. I hope I don’t see you abandon the stuff any time. Thanks for reading!

      • I’m glad you like my logic. LOL I could never give up sodas or chocolate for that matter! Even if I were to die in some freak accident with a piece of chocolate in one hand and a soda can in the other, the medical examiner who tries to pry either from my cold dead hands will realize that in doing so, they’d bring me back to life just so I can reclaim my soda & chocolate, “my precioussss…..” Just bury me with it and I’ll be in heavenly bliss. 😉

        Good post BTW; I’ll be stalking, er uh, “following” your blog so keep it up!

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  74. I knew a man once who became addicted to caffeine, and in order to get over his addiction he drank hot water… Strange, I hear you say, but the sensation of a piping hot beverage tricks the mind into believing caffeine is present (or so I’m told). Just thought I’d share.

    • You know…I have heard about that. My gf told me about it. The hot water tricks u into thinking ur having caffeine…very intersting..but I don’t know if I could just drink straight up hot water…the worst thing in the world is boiled water..ugh…Thanks for sharing!

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