Lost Fans Take on ABC.com

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When Lost finally goes off the air on Sunday, May 23, 2010 (ABC’s promo department obviously couldn’t convince J.J. Abrams to hold out until 2012), we’ll be saying goodbye to one of the best television series ever. So, yes, the show is immensely popular, and fans go completely crazy over it. I myself found my hands frantically trying to wrap aluminum foil around the ears of my antenna last night.

“Come on!” I pleaded, over and over again, 20 minutes before the new episode, Across the Sea came on. Like many people, who have a digital box and antenna, my T.V. doesn’t pick up ABC, because their signal is too weak. I had read about the signal boosting powers of aluminum foil, and was desperate enough to try it. After some moderate success at first, teasing and inevitable cursing, my mission failed.

So, I woke up at 6 a.m today to watch Lost online. But, something was very wrong… The new episode wasn’t on Hulu yet, and even worse, Across the Sea appeared to be on ABC.com– the link, episode tittle and even time duration were all there- but after the opening commercial, nothing but a black screen popped up.

I spent the next two hours refreshing the page with no luck. I will admit, I was pretty angry, but I quickly found myself amused by the frustrated comments of Lost fans on the failing episode’s page.

I’ve listed some below. Be warned, though. Internet spelling and grammar ahead.

Lost is a show that perpetually forces viewers to second guess and analyze every single word, action, camera angle and Dharma bottle of ranch dressing. So, I was not surprised to see the commercial conspiracy theories pop up from these angry fans.

● The ads work just fine. So nice that you get to watch an ad every time you try the episode again. They can’t put the ad AFTER your episode begins, God forbid you get to watch a few seconds of programming without watching an ad first. If ABC cared at all about viewers at all they would put the first ad AFTER the program begins so that when there are technical issues (which they know there inevitably will be) then at least you are not forced to sit through another ad every time you try to make it work. ABC knows this. It’s not set up this way accidentally.

● I keep logging back in and expecting it to be working…WTF? COME ON ABC don’t you bother to check something after you post it? And I just LOVE how all of the assorted advertisements are working perfectly! Get on it, bozos.

● It’s all a ploy! They want us to drive to Iron Man 2 in a Kia Sorento while drinking a Heineken.

I feared the commercials might send one commenter to a mental institution like pre-island Hurely.

● Dear ABC, Please get Kia to make a new commercial. This one is driving me insane.

I had to admit, though, the fact that the pre-episode commercial worked fine every single time I refreshed the page was torture! As one commenter put it eloquently:

● this is rediculous

You could even say it was ridiculous.

As the comments went on, I started to get a glimpse into the potential poor decision making by my fellow Lost fans.

● Dear ABC I hate you! I got off work early last night/this morning rushed home to watch lost on ABC.com or on Hulu and neither of you have it working.

I can see the headlines now: Manager of Mr. Cluck’s Chicken Shack in Los Angeles forgets to lock door, because he rushed home to watch Lost, and the place gets robbed. Manager is fired, and doesn’t even get to watch the new episode. He sues ABC.com, and ABC has a good laugh.

Some fans decided to bring out their mature voice (that quickly turns criminal) and urges to protest.

● This is highly unprofessional, ABC. Whether you’re all inept or this is a ploy of some sort, I thank you for being sloppy enough to make the episode name visible. In lieu of ABC’s competence on this site, it made this episode’s piracy that much easier and quick having the episode name readily available for torrent searching.

● What do you think? I think we should all contact the station because if they are not aware that it is not working on the website, they are probably not reading these comments!

Advice for ABC. If these fans come down to the station with a submarine for you to get in, ask yourself why they’re not telling you to save them a seat.

And, finally, if a pesky, little thing like Apocalyptic weather is approaching, the news better wait until after Lost is over…or at least warn the populace of impending doom only during commercial breaks.

● The thing that is especially frustrating about this to me is that last night my local ABC affiliate (KOCO-Oklahoma City) felt the need to interrupt the episode to inform us about the “breaking news” of a storm cloud passing over the state. They did this repeatedly throughout the episode. A quick jump over to NBC, CBS and FOX showed me that apparently the ABC affiliate was the only station that felt it necessary to interrupt the actual programming to tell us about the storm. Every other station was content to leave a weather warning map on the screen during their shows and then interrupt the COMMERCIALS rather than the content of their scheduled broadcasts. I sure hope that the local Oklahoma City ABC affiliate doesn’t feel the need to interrupt the series finale just to inform us of a piddly thunderstorm again. I certainly won’t be watching my local ABC station AT ALL once LOST is over.

All I know is that I would never want to be stuck on the Island with Lost fans waiting for a plane that never comes.


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